Atlas Obscura is Hiring! Join us in pursuit of wonder.

Untapped Cities on our Volunteer Day at the Gardens of Alcatraz


Untapped Cities joined us again in San Francisco for our behind the scenes as past the off-limits signs tour of the historic gardens of Alcatraz island.

Have you ever had the urge to push aside the “Do Not Enter” signs and explore the unknown? I do pretty much every day. It’s almost like a dare —the best stuff is beyond this sign…do you dare break the rules to discover it? Perhaps that’s just me, but somehow I doubt it. On my last assignment I got to do just that, but legally! That’s right, Just the Gritty is on the straight and narrow. Apparently all I had to do was join up with Atlas Obscura, a “compendium of amazing places that aren’t found in your average guidebook.”

So one weekend a little while ago, fellow Untapped Cities writer Faern and I hit up Alcatraz Island with this awesome group of guides. What a day it was! I’m ever-curious about the unknown, and that day was full of exploration and discovery.

“Just the Gritty: Behind the Scenes Gardening with Atlas Obscura” on Untapped Cities