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Holmegaard, Denmark

BonBon Land

The greatest amusement park in the world is wall-to-wall farting dogs, puking rats, and cows with exposed breasts for the whole family
05 May 2015
Oakland, CA

Children's Fairyland

This Oakland fairytale kingdom, fiercely devoted to childlike whimsy, was an early inspiration for Disneyland
01 May 2015
Turner, Oregon

Enchanted Forest

This charmingly homemade amusement park has been growing for 40 years despite originally being dubbed, "Idiot's Hill"
11 Mar 2015
Dalin Village, Taiwan

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

This Taiwan attraction is part anthropological journey through a fading native culture and part Six Flags rip off
20 Jan 2015
Krausnick, Germany

Tropical Islands Resort

It's always summer at the beach inside this former airship hangar
14 Jan 2015
Phillipsville, California

Hobbiton, USA

A crumbling wizard is one of the final reminders of a roadside Middle Earth
08 Dec 2014
Franklin, New Jersey

The Gingerbread Castle

A faded fairytale fortress is rotting away in a small New Jersey township
05 Dec 2014
Charlestown, Indiana

Rose Island

Ruined pieces of stone and a swimming pool are all that remains of an amusement park that was swept away by a flood
21 Nov 2014
Tokyo, Japan

Sanrio Puroland

If Hello Kitty were Mickey Mouse, this would be Disneyland
06 Nov 2014
Lake George, New York

Magic Forest

This throwback amusement park is home to America's only diving horse show AND the world's largest Uncle Sam
01 Oct 2014
Lincolnshire, Illinois


This sprawling mini-golf empire is an impressive testament to a quickly disappearing attraction
16 Sep 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada

High Roller

The world's tallest ferris wheel takes visitors high above Las Vegas in a spinning party room
18 Jun 2014

New Uses for Old Mines

by Eric Elder
13 May 2014
Dadizele, Belgium


This Belgian theme park began as a refuge for bored church children and was closed down when a boy lost an arm
29 Apr 2014
Bay Lake, Florida

Discovery Island

Disney's abandoned animal island is now an overgrown ruin that was almost the coolest attraction ever
08 Apr 2014
Lejre, Denmark

Land of Legends

This Denmark theme park is part family attraction, part experimental archaeology project
27 Mar 2014
Oshu, Japan

Tohoku New Zealand Village

The last of a series of "New Zealand" themed amusement parks is barely hanging on to its strange vision
11 Mar 2014
West Milford, New Jersey

Jungle Habitat

This disastrous New Jersey safari park saw animal attacks, escapes, and disease before being abandoned
07 Feb 2014
Marble Falls, Arkansas

Dogpatch USA

A hillbilly theme park that proved so unpopular the land wouldn't even sell on eBay after it closed
06 Feb 2014
Nagasaki, Japan

Huis Ten Bosch

Historical Japanese-Dutch relations are honored with haunted rides and flower fields in this replica town
03 Feb 2014
Middelburg, The Netherlands

Miniature Walcheren

A 1:20 scale piece of the Netherlands commissioned by a queen lets visitors take a stroll as giants
11 Dec 2013
Bloemfontein, South Africa

Shanty Town at Emoya Estates

A shanty-themed luxury hotel provides the bohemian chic of extreme poverty without all the crime and hunger
26 Nov 2013
Long Beach, California

Looff's Lite-A-Line

The creator of the carousel's bingo-pinball hybrid survives in California's oldest gaming establishment
26 Nov 2013
Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands

Efteling Sprookjesbos

This fairy tale forest hides scenes from some of the more obscure and bizarre Western nursery stories
24 Nov 2013
Hakone, Japan

Yunessun Spa Resort

This spa theme park lets its guests take a dip in pools of coffee, wine, or ramen broth
21 Nov 2013
Blackpool, England

Sir Hiram Maxim's Captive Flying Machines

One of the oldest amusement rides in existence was a huge disappointment to its creator
20 Nov 2013
Princeton, West Virginia

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park

This abandoned amusement park was built on an American Indian burial ground. Seriously.
23 Oct 2013
Changzhou, China

World Joyland Theme Park

This incredible Chinese theme park may be the largest bootleg in history
23 Sep 2013

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