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Pyramiden, Norway


Abandoned Russian mining village predicted to resist decay for longer than any other modern human settlement
22 Jan 2016
Angle Inlet, Minnesota

Northwest Angle

America's silhouette includes 100 square miles of wilderness jutting into Canada thanks to an old mapmaking error
19 Jan 2016
Ishinomaki, Japan

Cat Island

On Japan's Tashirojima Island, cats are king
31 Dec 2015
Tiptonville, Kentucky

Kentucky Bend

Kentucky's anomalous peninsula projecting into the Mississippi River, site of legendary earthquakes and local feuds
16 Sep 2015
Nettlestone, England

No Man's Land

This foolish Victorian sea fort was converted to a deluxe hotel before becoming an abandoned wasteland
07 Nov 2014
Ball's Pyramid, Australia

Ball's Pyramid

This barren sea spire is home to the world's rarest insect
04 Nov 2014
Mexico City, Mexico

La Isla de las Munecas

An island filled with hundreds of hanging, decomposing, decapitated dolls
31 Oct 2014
Magnetic Island, Australia

Magnetic Island

After much poking and prodding, this island is decidedly not a magnetic anomaly, but it sure is pretty
23 May 2014

Drangey Island

An Icelandic island full of diving birds and legend
18 Apr 2014
Hull, Massachusetts

Flying Santa Delivers to Boston Light

A man in a plane delivers Christmas packages to lighthouses
24 Dec 2013
Yigo, Guam

Andersen Air Force Base

Launchpad for the US military’s dead mouse operation to battle millions of snakes
29 Aug 2013
Malé, Maldives

Thilafushi - The "Rubbish Island"

The exorbitant price of paradise
21 Aug 2013
Frontera, Spain

El Hierro

This Canary island is a quintessential example of nature’s beauty, and its unbridled fury
20 Aug 2013
Saint-Pierre, Martinique

The Prison Cell of Ludger Sylbaris

The cell which saved the life of Ludger Sylbaris, "the man who lived through Doomsday"
12 Aug 2013
Jindo-gun, South Korea

Jindo-Modo Landbridge

Landbridge created by the South Korean version of Moses
10 Aug 2013
Marshall Islands

Bikini Atoll

The birthplace of Godzilla, where hazmat suits were once more appropriate than bikinis
04 Aug 2013

Nikumaroro Island

Amelia Earhart's possible place of death
23 Jul 2013
Howland Island

Earhart Light

The ruins of a lighthouse on the island Amelia Earhart never reached
23 Jul 2013
Vallejo, California

Mare Island

The former Naval shipyard is open for exploring - mostly
21 Jul 2013
French Southern and Antarctic Lands

Kerguelen Islands

French scientists make up the majority of the few humans to occupy this remote island in the extreme southern Indian Ocean
26 Jun 2013

Vulcan Point

An island in the middle of a lake, in the middle of a volcano, in the middle of a bigger lake, in the middle of a bigger island, in an archipelago, in the Pacific Ocean
19 Jun 2013
Wake Island

Wake Island

A remote coral island with a gristly history of shipwreck, battles, and a horrendous war crime
17 Jun 2013

Swan Islands

Remote Honduran Islands with a colorful history
12 Jun 2013
Homosassa, Florida

Monkey Island of Homosassa

In Florida, these naughty monkeys live on their own mini-monkey Alcatraz
09 Jun 2013
Bronx, New York

Hart Island

The loneliest island in New York
29 May 2013
Llangennith, Wales

Worm's Head Tidal Island

A rocky sea serpent hides caves, blowholes, and a spectacular natural bridge
14 May 2013
Aogashima, Japan

Aogashima Volcano

We heard you like volcanoes so we put a volcano in your volcano so you can die for sure...
14 May 2013
Alexandrovsky District, Russia

Nazino Island

Social outcasts and cannibalism in Stalin's Soviet Union
10 Apr 2013

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