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Williamstown, Australia

Timeball Tower

An obsolete form of timekeeping still marks the hour in this adapted 19th century lighthouse
14 Feb 2014
Cambridge, England

The Corpus Clock & Chronophage

Numberless clock creates a meal of time for the dreaded, insectile Chronophage
31 Dec 2013
Paris, France

The Defender of Time

A mechanized clock where a man fights off a dragon, crab, and rooster
31 Dec 2013
Vienna, Austria

Clock Museum

A small museum filled with over 1,000 clocks, & one particular clock calibrated to run until the year 9999
31 Dec 2013
Salisbury, England

Medieval Clock at Salisbury Cathedral

Oldest working mechanical clock in the world
30 Dec 2013
Paris, France

Salvador Dali Sundial

A surrealist timepiece by the artist of melting clocks
04 Dec 2013
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

Peacock Clock

An over 200-year-old timepiece-automaton adorned with golden mechanical birds, which still sing to this day
24 Nov 2013
London, United Kingdom

The Worshipful Company of Clockmakers Museum

The oldest dedicated collection of watches and clocks in the world
16 Sep 2013
Edinburgh, Scotland

Midsummer Chronophage

The second fantastically horrific Chronophage creation by Dr. John C Taylor, inventor of the Corpus Clock
18 Aug 2013
Greater London, United Kingdom

Clock of the Long Now: Prototype 1

A clock designed to run with perfect accuracy for 10,000 years
18 Aug 2013

The Temple of Abu Simbel

Ozymandias’ time-keeping temple
11 Aug 2013
Jaipur, India

Jantar Mantar

The world's largest sundial, made entirely out of stone
28 Jul 2013
Lier, Belgium

The Zimmer Clock Tower and Museum

A 14th century fortified keep showcases the masterpieces of a 20th century ingenious clockmaker
21 Jul 2013
Columbia, Pennsylvania

National Watch and Clock Museum

North America’s largest collection of horological devices and home to a colossal clock with a dizzying array of features
01 Jul 2013
Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Astronomical Clock

Macabre astrological automaton clock dating to the late 1400s
30 Jun 2013
Venice, Italy

St. Mark's Clock Tower - Torre dell'Orologio

Go inside to really appreciate this 500-year-old technological masterpiece
10 Jul 2012
Yarmouth, Maine


The world's largest rotating world
05 Jul 2012
Dewy Rose, Georgia

Georgia Guidestones

A mysterious monument meant to be a guide into "an Age of Reason."
26 Jun 2012
Amarillo, Texas

Helium Time Columns Monument

A time-capsule monument reminding future generations of the importance of efficient and effective use of natural resources
11 Jun 2012
New York, New York

The Wizard of Park Avenue

A whimsical, but often overlooked clock in Park Avenue
07 Mar 2012
St. Joseph, Minnesota

The St. John's Bible

The first hand-illuminated, hand-written bible since the invention of the printing press
02 Feb 2012
Olomouc, Czech Republic

Olomouc's Communist Clock

Tiny communists hammer away on the Olomouc Astronomical Clock
31 Aug 2011
Santa Rosa, California


Hand-powered race of alternative forms of transportation
28 Jun 2011
Jersey City, New Jersey

The Colgate Clock

On the Hudson, the fourth largest clock in the world
15 Jun 2011
Lindale, Texas

Parrot Park

Park filled with machinery that drove the southern agriculture and oil industries forward
02 Jan 2011
Brooklyn, New York

Bomelsteins Jewelers Clock

The only surviving sidewalk clock in Brooklyn
25 Jul 2010
Atlanta, Georgia

Crypt of Civilization

The world's first time capsule lies behind a welded steel door in Atlanta
13 Jul 2010

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