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Datong District, Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Looking for a crappy restaurant? Pull up a porcelain bowl and enjoy your meal
02 Jun 2014
New Orleans, Louisiana

Jean Lafitte's Old Absinthe House

A 200-year-old bar in the historic French Quarter refuses to give up its place in history, nor its role in securing ours
04 Nov 2013
Auckland, New Zealand

Sky Tower

A New Zealand communications tower stands as the tallest structure in the Southern Hemisphere
27 Oct 2013
Montreal, Canada

Gibeau Orange Julep

The skyline of Montreal includes the silhouette of an unexpected fruit-shaped Canadian staple
28 Sep 2013
Auvers-sur-Oise, France

Musée de l'Absinthe

One woman's decades-long obsession with the "La Fée Verte."
28 Sep 2013
Beijing, China

Guo Li Zhuang

Genitals, claws, and faces are served at this questionable Beijing eatery
16 Sep 2013
Seattle, Washington

Hale's Palladium

A brewery warehouse which doubles as a circus bigtop
12 Sep 2013
Pasadena, California

Lucky Baldwin's

A British pub embodies the spirit of a California legend
12 Sep 2013
Beijing, China

Destination Club

A startlingly progressive LGBT hub offering dancing, testing, art, and more
11 Sep 2013
Brooklyn, New York

Red Hook Bait and Tackle Shop

A Red Hook dive bar that is holding onto its roots
23 Aug 2013
Nevada City, California

Old Stonehouse Brewery

A watering hole where the options for seating include a bar, patio, or subterranean cave
21 Aug 2013
Seattle, Washington

Zayda Buddy's Pizza

A "Minnesota-style" pizza parlor in the Scandinavian heart of Seattle
11 Aug 2013
Brussels, Belgium

The Coffin - Le Cercueil

The Devil’s own choice when he needs a drink in Brussels
22 Jul 2013
London, United Kingdom

Time for Tea

A five-story homage to tea times past
19 Jul 2013
Port Costa, California

The Warehouse Cafe

Where the polar bear watches over everything, and every drink is a double
18 Jul 2013
London, England

Premises Studio Music Studios and Cafe

London's most popular recording studio, located in the capital's East End, runs partly on solar power and has played host to some of the world's biggest acts
18 Jul 2013
London, England

Old Shoreditch Station

Once a train station along the Great Eastern Railway this vibrant coffee shop and bar is where members of London’s creative class mingle
17 Jul 2013
San Francisco, California

Crown & Crumpet

The tea room that pushed the boundaries of adorable straight into...we can't find the words
05 Jul 2013
Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin

Little Bohemia Lodge

A restaurant and lodge in northern Wisconsin which served as a clandestine hideout for John Dillinger and featured one of the most famous botched FBI raids in history
27 Jun 2013
Milwaukie, Oregon

Legendary Safari Club

Hunting trophies decorate Oregon's most unique bar-restaurant
26 Jun 2013
Chicago, Illinois

Rock'n'Roll McDonald's and Museum

The palatial McDonald's that inspired Wesley Willis
25 Jun 2013
Los Angeles, California

Pink's Hot Dogs

World-famous, Pink's still manages to keep its prized cult fetish status
18 Jun 2013
Adamstown, Pitcairn Islands

Christian's Cafe

The cafe that acts as the social hub for the small volcanic island of HMS Bounty fame
18 Jun 2013
Chicago, Illinois

The Violet Hour

A speakeasy takes on Chicago's drinking culture
23 May 2013
Knoydart, Scotland

Old Forge Pub

A pub that is literally in the middle of nowhere, but continues to do business
10 May 2013
Greater London, England

Tea Building

A building that survived WWII, possibly on the virtue of its name alone
05 May 2013
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Eiffel Tower of New Orleans

A little piece of Paris in the sultry south of the U.S.
30 Apr 2013

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