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Naucalpan, Mexico

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest

An Aztec snake god has taken the material form of an apartment complex
21 Dec 2015
Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Indian Echo Caverns

These tourist trap caverns are said to be the former home of a legendary Pennsylvania Hermit
11 Dec 2015
Belize City, Belize

Great Blue Hole

A massive underwater sinkhole made famous by Jacques Cousteau
22 Nov 2014
Chile Chico, Chile

Marble Caves of Chile Chico

Mother Nature outdoes herself with this stunningly beautiful set of caves carved into marble
13 Nov 2014
Putty, Australia

Newnes Glow Worm Tunnel

Once the path of a railway tunnel, now home to thousands of glowing insects
09 Feb 2014
Marble Falls, Texas

Dead Man's Hole

Civil War dumping ground for the bodies of terrorized Union sympathizers
06 Oct 2013
Walhalla, South Carolina

Stumphouse Tunnel

An unfinished rail tunnel that has since been used to house cheese and bats
24 Sep 2013
Ngamiland East, Botswana

Gcwihaba Caverns

Wonderous stalactites house thousands of bats in these African caves
10 Sep 2013
Tulum, Mexico

Angelita Cenote

A flooded Mexican cave that hides a river beneath the water
05 Sep 2013
Magaliesburg, South Africa

Cradle of Humankind

Home to some of the oldest hominid fossils ever found
27 Aug 2013
Syracuse, Italy

Ear of Dionysius

Italian cave with exceptional acoustics and an unsavory history
25 Aug 2013
Nevada City, California

Old Stonehouse Brewery

A watering hole where the options for seating include a bar, patio, or subterranean cave
21 Aug 2013
Coulee City, Washington

Blue Lake Rhino Cave

Cave interior is in the shape of the ancient Rhinoceros created by lava cooling around its carcass
05 Aug 2013
Peach Springs, Arizona

Grand Canyon Caverns Underground Suite

One of the largest, oldest, darkest, quietest motel room in the world
30 Jul 2013
Yakutat, Alaska

Guyot Glacier Ice Caves

Gorgeous cave resembles a winter wonderland
24 Jul 2013
Batu Caves, Malaysia

Batu Caves

Holy Hindu shrine in an enormous, monkey-filled limestone cavern
17 Jul 2013
Geok-Tepe, Turkmenistan

Köw Ata Underground Lake

The Bakharden swimming spot doubles as a home to the largest known colony of bats in Central Asia
16 Jul 2013
Jardin, Colombia

Cave of Splendor

Enchanting cave with a river crashing through the roof
08 Jul 2013
Lakonia, Greece

Cape Matapan Caves

A cave network located at the southernmost tip of mainland Greece was once believed to be an entrance to Hades
02 Jul 2013

The Crystal Maiden of the Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

Belize cave containing the sparkling, calcite covered skeletons of Mayan children, sacrificed to the rain god
25 Jun 2013
Oudtshoorn, South Africa

Cango Caves

Largest cave system in Africa
21 Jun 2013
Benson, Arizona

Kartchner Caverns

Limestone caves with spectacular showcase chambers
20 Jun 2013
The Caves, Australia

Capricorn Caves

A wonder of natural limestone formations etched by millions of years of natural interaction between rainfall and rock and air
18 Jun 2013
Općina Komiža, Croatia

Blue Cave of Bisevo

An ethereal glowing blue ocean cave in Croatia
06 Jun 2013

Cenote Xkeken

These azure waters were thought to lead to the Mayan Underworld
06 Jun 2013
Skamania, Washington

The Ape Cave

The longest continuous lava tube in the continental U.S. offers 2.5 miles of dark explorations for the adventurous
02 Jun 2013
Gans Bay, South Africa

Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai

An odd little fishing town that is inundated by tourists looking to be locked up in a cage and attacked by great white sharks, because why not?
28 May 2013
Jenolan, Australia

Nettle Cave Tour in Klingon

The first tourist attraction to offer tours for interstellar tourists
27 May 2013
Bourré, France

La Cave des Roches - Mushroom Caves

Miles of man-made caves and tunnels, currently used for cultivating mushrooms
09 May 2013
Stockton, Australia

The Nobbys Gunpowder Tunnels

A series of gun powder chambers currently hidden from view within Nobbys Headland in Newcastle, Australia
15 Apr 2013

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