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Tambon Ko Kut, Thailand

The Kingdom of Somchai’s Affection

On the small Thai island of Ko Mak, there is a forgotten garden of erotic statuary
25 Jun 2015
Prague, Czech Republic

Sex Machines Museum

The first museum in the world devoted to sexual gadgetry
30 May 2014
Luzhu District, Taiwan

Funny Sex

Taiwan's only erotically-themed restaurant brings the comedy back to sex and dinner
11 Apr 2014
Pompei, Italy

The Ancient Brothels of Pompeii

In the Lupanare Grande the walls are still adorned with the services there offered
30 Jan 2014
Herefordshire, England

Medieval Erotic Carvings at the Church of St Mary and St David

Beasts and branches swirl in sandstone carvings, interrupted by one strange creature
30 Jan 2014
Vatican City, Italy

Stufetta del Bibbiena

The Vatican's secret porn-festooned bathroom was painted in erotic murals by one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance
02 Oct 2013
Mikonos, Greece

The Temple of Dionysos

Giant marble phalluses on the sacred island of antiquity
12 Jul 2013
Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki Brothel

A two thousand year old brothel uncovered in Northern Greece
24 Jun 2013
Beatty, Nevada

Angel's Ladies Brothel

A brothel nestled amongst ghost towns, with an abandoned plane wreck to greet you
16 Jun 2013
New York, New York

300 West 38th Street

Cheap pizza and all of your naughty bedroom needs housed in a stunning example of Art Nouveau architecture
07 Jun 2013
Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Erotic Museum

An unusual stroll through gentlemen's erotica demonstrates that pornography is timeless
25 Feb 2013
Paris, France

The Beverley Adult Cinema

A font of vintage porn on the silver screen
17 Dec 2012
Paris, France

Chez Christiane

BDSM, 1930s Style
10 Dec 2012
Agios Tychon, Cyprus

Ancient Sex Curse of Cyprus

Sex curse discovered on ancient tablet in Cyprus
23 Jul 2012
Porqueres, Spain

Bosc de Can Ginebreda

A darkly erotic open-air statuary in Catalonia
06 Sep 2011
Naples, Italy

Gabinetto Segreto

The once forbidden "secret cabinet" of erotic art from excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum
14 Feb 2011
Miami Beach, Florida

World Erotic Art Museum

12,000 sq. ft. museum tracing erotic art from antiquity to modern times
25 Oct 2010
Jerusalem, Israel

National Library of Israel's Hidden "Stalag" Collection

Hidden out of public view in the National Library of Israel is a collection of "Stalag's," 1960s Nazi themed porno paperbacks written and consumed by Israelis
09 Apr 2010
Bangkok, Thailand

Goddess Tuptim Shrine

A forest of phallic offerings found in a quiet corner of a hotel car park
14 Oct 2009
New York, New York

Museum of Sex

A semi-scholarly approach to sex
18 Aug 2009

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