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Mow Cop, England

Mow Cop Castle

This crumbling folly looks like an enchanted leftover from Middle Earth
14 Dec 2015
Berlin, Germany


This Berlin island is home to a flock of free-roaming peacocks and as well as a historic ivory folly
28 Sep 2015
Congleton, England

Little Moreton Hall

This askew 16th-century Tudor manor still stands despite almost nothing but leaning angles and sagging supports
07 Jul 2015
Greenfield, Massachusetts

Poet's Seat Tower

This tall Massachusetts folly got its name thanks to all of the purple prose its vistas inspired
12 Jan 2015
Weston, England

Hawkstone Park

Created hundreds of years ago, the magical follies and landscapes at this park were almost lost to time before being restored
19 Dec 2014
Port Quin, England

Doyden Castle

This remote castle was built to be a wealthy businessman's palace of vice but is now simply a historic vacation cottage
26 Nov 2014
Surrey, England

Witley Wonder Underwater Ballroom

The hidden "ballroom" under a mansion lake was built by a criminal who ate a cyanide pill during his trial
18 Nov 2014
Salzburg, Austria

Schloss Hellbrunn

Trick water gardens from 1619 featuring a 200 piece mechanical theater powered by water
18 Nov 2014
Hassocks, England

Clayton Tunnel North Portal

This tunnel entrance is built to resemble a grand castle but no one is quite sure why
16 Sep 2014
Kassel, Germany

Bergpark Wilhelmshohe

A sprawling Baroque park with 300-year-old hydro-pneumatic waterworks
10 Aug 2013
West Sussex, England

Vandalian Tower

This ruined folly was originally built to honor a failed American state that would have become "Westsylvania"
30 Jul 2013

Cenote Xkeken

These azure waters were thought to lead to the Mayan Underworld
06 Jun 2013
Bronx, New York

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto at St. Lucy's Church

Collect holy water from a Bronx grotto
14 Feb 2013
Ballandean, Australia

Ballandean Pyramid

A huge stone pyramid built for fun
10 Jan 2013
Coverham, England

Forbidden Corner

A modern English garden of eccentric beasts, follies, and oddities
06 Jan 2013
Airth, Scotland

The Dunmore Pineapple House

A giant pineapple, a symbol of hospitality, and an amazing vacation rental option
06 Jan 2013
Broadway, England

Broadway Tower

A petite castle folly on the English coast
06 Jan 2013
Sintra, Portugal

Quinta da Regaleira

Eccentrically decorated palace and gardens replete with grottoes, fountains, underground tunnels, caves, and numerous statues.
02 Oct 2012
Hilversum, Netherlands

Lapin Botanique

The place where houses are born
21 Jul 2012

Punta Pite

A fantastical group of cliffside stairways, bridges, and twisting paths carved out of stone provide a surreal coastal hike
21 Jun 2012
Alcolea del Pinar, Spain

Casa de Piedra (Stone House)

An impressive home made of stone, carved more than a century ago
22 May 2012
La Pobla de Lillet, Spain

Artigas Gardens

Famed architect Antoni Gaudi built this generous thank you gift to a friendly host who housed him during a job
10 May 2012
Toronto, Canada

Sewers of Toronto

A well-preserved network of cavernous tunnels have spent silent centuries removing Toronto's waste
01 May 2012
Ponce de Leon, Florida

Vortex Spring

A humid oasis combines recreation with exploration in a unique underwater cavern
24 Apr 2012
Revelstoke, Canada

The Enchanted Forest

An old world fairytale-land with over 350 fairy folk figurines hidden amongst 800 year old cedars
29 Feb 2012
Bude, England

The Storm Tower

An octagonal folly tower overlooking the sea
12 Feb 2012
Wilton, Wisconsin

Wegner Grotto

Homemade outdoor church and sculpture garden decorated with glass shards
09 Dec 2011
Sopron, Hungary

Taródi Vár

"Medieval" castle built in the mid-20th century by one family
29 Nov 2011
Dripping Springs, Texas

Hamilton Pool

An emerald-green grotto in the heart of the Texas desert
08 Sep 2011

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