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Florence, Italy

Buontalenti Grotto

A large grotto built in the 16th century amidst Florence's famous Boboli gardens
19 Jun 2011
Jaipur, India

Hanuman’s Temple

Sacred Indian temple that’s all monkey business
13 Jun 2011
Greater London, England

Ruined Victorian Folly

Remnants of a Victorian garden feature sitting in public woodland
21 Mar 2011
Tucson, Arizona

Valley of the Moon

The Magical World of George Phar Legler
21 Jan 2011
Cameron, West Virginia

New Vrindaban Palace of Gold

Despite its lavish ornamentation, Krishna might be quite disappointed with this mountain commune's moral composition.
28 Dec 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Largo do Boticário

Crumbling remnant of Rio's colonial past tucked behind Corcovado mountain in the neighborhood of Cosme Velho
19 Dec 2010
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Parque Lage

Beautiful public park off the beaten path and away from tourists
05 Dec 2010
Cheddar, England

The Cheddar Man and Cannibals Museum

Museum about life, death, and cannibalism in the Stone Age
10 Nov 2010
Stourton, England

King Alfred's Tower

Gothic tower mentioned in Thomas Hardy poem "The Channel Firing"
26 Oct 2010
Surrey, England

Leith Hill Tower

Gothic tower where Lord Alfred Tennyson wrote the poem "The Sleeping Beauty"
21 Oct 2010
Cobham, England

Painshill Park Follies

Amazing collection of folly buildings in Cobham, Surrey
20 Oct 2010
Boawae, Indonesia

Liang Bua cave

Real-life "hobbit" cave in Flores, Indonesia
08 Aug 2010
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Zoran's Sculpture Park

A Perpetually Under construction Park
26 Jul 2010
Ocotillo, California

Anza Borrego Desert View Tower

The Desert View Tower looks out onto the curious carvings of an unemployed engineer
12 Jul 2010
Margate, England

Margate Shell Grotto

Grotto replete with mystical designs laid out in glued shell mosaics
23 Jun 2010
Panguipulli, Chile

The Magic Mountain Hotel

Rising out of the Chilean forest is a volcanic shaped hotel complete with water in the place of lava
05 May 2010
North Korea

North Korea's International Friendship Exhibition Hall

A bizarre collection of gifts to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il from the despots of the world
11 Apr 2010
Lookout Mountain, Georgia

Rock City

A bizarre roadside attraction and the first instance of miniature golf in the world
29 Mar 2010
Gaiman, Argentina

Parque el Desafío

A retiree's challenge to build an outdoor wonderland out of trash
25 Mar 2010
Escondido, California

Queen Califia's Magical Circle

A large sculptural artwork and garden in Escondido, California
24 Mar 2010
Lainate, Italy

Ninfeo di Villa Litta

An ancient artistic garden parlor full of hidden water wonders
17 Feb 2010
Linz, Austria


Ride a dragon train into a world of dwarves
14 Feb 2010
Tiburon, California

Lyford's Tower

Once the gateway to the Utopian dream-village of a Civil War embalmer
12 Feb 2010
Wadsworth, Illinois

Onan's Gold Pyramid House

A six-story-tall golden pyramid, surrounded by a moat
09 Feb 2010
Big Pine Key, Florida

Overseas Railroad and Pigeon Key

Island ghost town detailing Flagler's folly in building the Overseas Railroad
29 Jan 2010
Northamptonshire, England

Rushton Triangular Lodge

An intriguing three-sided folly is a testament to one man's devotion to Catholicism and the number three
26 Jan 2010
Summerville, Georgia

Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens

This "Plant Farm Museum" is home to the divinly inspired and visionary outsider artwork of Reverend Howard Finster
09 Jan 2010
Jasper, Indiana

Providence Home Geode Grotto

One man's vision and a labor of love of many
02 Jan 2010
Mito, Japan

The Queen Chateau Soapland

The ruins of Japan’s premier water brothel
22 Dec 2009
Seattle, Washington

Fremont Troll

A giant Troll lurks under a Seattle bridge overpass
04 Nov 2009

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