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Box Elder County, Utah

Republic of Zaqistan

A proto micro-nation sometimes populated by artists, surrounded on all sides by a Utah most barren
20 Jan 2016
Vilnius, Lithuania

Republic of Uzupis

This micro-nation may be some sort of prank, but its constitution sure seems official
11 Nov 2015
Reids Flat, Australia

Empire of Atlantium

The smallest country in Australia is a principled little thing with a friendly emperor
29 Oct 2015
Rough and Ready, California

Rough and Ready

The first U.S. town to secede from the Union, only to vote themselves right back in
28 Feb 2014
Tiraspol, Moldova


A forgotten remnant of the Soviet Union, Transnistria is an unrecognised country hidden behind a heavily militarised border between Moldova and Ukraine.
30 Sep 2013
Bendery, Moldova

Bendery Military Museum

A unique collection of Soviet military artifacts lies hidden away in a disused train, in the unrecognized Eastern European republic of Transnistria
16 Sep 2013
Antigua and Barbuda

Kingdom of Redonda

A hotly contested micro-nation off the coast of Montserrat
11 Aug 2013
Leavittsburg, Ohio

Center of the World, Ohio

A grandiose title could not save this mercantile community from obscurity
20 Jul 2013
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kingdom of Talossa

A trailblazing sovereign nation tucked in the American state of Wisconsin
09 Jun 2013
Bommayapalayam, India


An experimental utopian "city of the future" in rural India, which may hold a dark secret
12 May 2013
Comrie, Scotland

Cultybraggan WWII POW Camp

Built to hold the worst of the worst of the Nazi war prisoners
22 Feb 2013
Bonny Doon, California

The Kingdom of Boomeria

A science teacher's kingdom, complete with castle, enormous pipe organ, and area for epic water battles
19 Jun 2012

Sans Souci Palace

Palace of Henri Christophe, a slave who became the brutal kleptocrat of Haiti
01 May 2012

Citadelle Laferrière

This iconic fortress was once the crown jewel of Haiti's national defense
24 Apr 2012

Republic of Minerva

A failed utopia, shut-down by a more legitimate nation
13 Jan 2012
Dayton, Nevada

The Republic of Molossia

The smallest country in the world
09 Nov 2011


The most peaceful "country" in the Middle East
16 Oct 2011
Gimli, Canada

New Iceland

Icelandic settlement in Manitoba established in 1875
05 Oct 2011
Birobidzhansky District, Russia


Fascinating early attempt at a Jewish autonomous settlement
20 Jun 2011
Lucas, Kansas

World's Largest Collection of Smallest Versions of Largest Things

A traveling roadside attraction and museum dedicated to exploring iconic roadside structures
08 Mar 2011
Bir Tawil

Bir Tawil

Land that belongs to no nation
26 Aug 2010
Höganäs, Sweden

Nimis in Ladonia

Micro-nation based around a nine-story high illegally built tower
12 Apr 2010
Frostproof, Florida

Dominion of British West Florida

Are the Gulf States actually part of the British Commonwealth?
06 Apr 2010
Key West, Florida

The Conch Republic

"We Seceded Where Others Failed"
28 Mar 2010
Suffolk, United Kingdom

Principality of Sealand

550 square meter micro-nation off the coast of Britain
24 Mar 2010
Vienna, Austria

Republic of Kugelmugel

A spherical "micro-nation" in the heart of Vienna
25 Feb 2010
Safita, Syria

Krak des Chevaliers

Ruins of the Crusaders' headquarters
29 Jan 2010
Agion Oros, Greece

Holy Mount of Athos

Orthodox Monk Republic
13 Dec 2009

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