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Schleswig, Germany

The Bog Bodies at the Schleswig-Holstein Landesmuseum

Ample proof that watery ends make for well-preserved, millenia-old mummies
27 Sep 2013
Chihuahua, Mexico

La Pascualita

This 80-year old mannequin is so lifelike it is believed to be an embalmed corpse
06 Sep 2013
Seattle, Washington

Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

100 year old purveyor of curiosities, curios, and kitch featuring mummies, shrunken heads and a Fiji Mermaid
06 Sep 2013
Højbjerg, Denmark

Grauballe Man

Preserved "bog person" that is over 2,000 years old
26 Jul 2013
Qesm Al Wahat Ad Dakhlah, Egypt

Muzawaka Tombs

The forgotten mummies of Dakhla oasis
19 Jun 2013
Nazca culture, Peru

Chauchilla Cemetery

Plundered and left asunder by grave robbers, this ancient necropolis has been painstakingly pieced back together
10 Jun 2013
Stonington, Connecticut

Connecticut's Severed Arm of Saint Edmund

Saint Edmund's severed arm travels to Connecticut
30 May 2013
Rikaze, Nepal

The Bodies of Mount Everest

Claimed by the peaks of the highest mountain in the world, the bodies of fallen adventurers remain preserved, warning others of the perils of Everest
29 May 2013
Prague, Czech Republic

The Thief's Arm at Kostel Sv. Jakuba Vetsiho

A 400-year old mummified arm dangles from the ceiling of St. James the Greater, serving as a warning to thieves
07 May 2013
Gommern, Germany

St. Nicholas Church

The resting place of 18th century German mummies
24 Mar 2013
Prague, Czech Republic

Hrdlička Museum of Anthropology

Bone collection from the man who theorized that "No one is superior and all people are equal."
17 Mar 2013
Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Saint Maria Adelaide

An honorary saint of the people, Maria Adelaide became an incorrupt corpse, the clothes intact, exhaling “a strong scent of roses”
24 Feb 2013
Paris, France

Chapelle Notre Dame de la Medaille Miraculeuse

A popular shrine where the Blessed Virgin allegedly appeared in 1830, displaying a holy armchair and two incorruptible remains of Lady Saints
27 Jan 2013
Palermo, Italy

Capuchin Monastery Catacombs

Catacombs with thousands of well dressed mummies
18 Jul 2012
Long Beach, Washington

Marsh's Free Museum

Home of Jake the Alligator Man, the mummified remains of a cigar smoking, cross-dressing celebrity of the Northwestern coast
18 Jul 2012
Vác, Hungary

Mummies of Vác, Hungary

Hungarian mummies in beautiful painted coffins
10 Jul 2012
Lima, Peru


Nazca pilgrimage site covering 370 acres is a popular stop for archeologists and looters
05 Jul 2012
Vejle County, Denmark

Haraldskær Woman

Bog body on display in Danish church
23 Mar 2012

31 Days of Halloween

by Annetta Black
31 Oct 2011
Philippi, West Virginia

Mummies of Philippi

Two insane asylum bodies embalmed by an amateur
05 Jul 2011
San Francisco, California

The Sutro Egyptian Collection

Tenacious mummies survived dental problems, eternal entombment, and more than their fair share of devastating fires
17 Mar 2011
Urbania, Italy

Chiesa dei Morti (Church of the Dead)

Eighteen mummies have stood guard behind the altar of this tiny church since 1833
07 Dec 2010
Kabayan, Philippines

Fire Mummies of the Philippines

Unique human remains are a Philippine national treasure
01 Dec 2010