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F-3 P-2, India

The Skeleton Lake of Roopkund, India

A lake with hundreds of ancient skeletons surrounding it. The surprise is what killed them…
22 Nov 2014

Once in a Lifetime

by Melissa Marshall
02 Sep 2014

Where to Catch a Moonbow

by Allison Meier
02 Apr 2014
Røst, Norway

Lofoten Temperature Anomalies

A surprisingly pleasant getaway in the Arctic Circle
04 Aug 2013
Saint Helena

Ascension Island

Remote, volcanic island that Darwin, Hooker, and the Royal Navy shaped into a thriving, artificial ecosystem
11 Feb 2013

Relampago del Catatumbo

This everlasting lightning storm may be the world's largest generator of ozone
18 Jun 2012
Yakutsk, Russia


The coldest city in the world
09 Sep 2011
Forks, Washington

Tree Graveyard

Shoreline strewn with the remains of ghostly fallen trees
17 Jan 2011
George Town, Cayman Islands

George Town

The capital of the Cayman Islands is a center of offshore banking, but gets battered by blistering hurricanes
25 Aug 2010
Cherrapunji‎, India


Known as the wettest place on earth
24 Aug 2010
Williamsburg, Kentucky

The Cumberland Falls

Moonbows over Kentucky
24 Aug 2010

Lluvia de Peces: The "Rain of Fish"

Fish raining from the sky are the cause of a yearly celebration in this small Honduran town
28 Jun 2010
Columbia-Shuswap A, Canada

Columbia Icefield

A surviving remnant of the thick ice mass that once mantled most of Western Canada's mountains
02 Jun 2010
Ronggur Nihuta, Indonesia

The Toba Caldera

Site of the largest volcanic eruption in the last 25 million years, one which may have nearly wiped out humanity altogether
20 Apr 2010
Crescent, Oregon

Mount Thielsen Fulgurites

This extinct shield volcano is the lightning rod of the Cascades
20 Apr 2010
Inuvik Region, Canada

The Tuktoyaktuk Pingos

Natural earth mounds formed in the far north
15 Jan 2010
Ludvika, Sweden

The Tuben or "Elk Showers"

Tiny Swedish village with a distinct local phenomenon known as an "Elk Shower"
25 Nov 2009
Hauts Plateaux, Cameroon

Man & Woman Lakes

Spirits from these lakes are said to produce the local weather and odd phenomena as they bicker between themselves
07 Oct 2009
near Quemado, New Mexico

The Lightning Field

In the remote high desert of New Mexico, a strange array of poles beckon fury from above
12 Aug 2009
Bruce Crossing, Michigan

Paulding Light

A mysterious light in the wood, rumoured to be the the ghost of a railroad brakeman.
16 Jun 2009

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