A Global Celebration of Unusual Places

Obscura Day: May 30, 2015

Explore the hidden wonders of the world with Atlas Obscura

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What is Obscura Day?

It's more than 150 events in 39 states and 25 countries, all on a single day, and all designed to celebrate the world's most curious and awe-inspiring places.

United States


The Museum of Wonder

Seale, Alabama

Join us for a guided tour of Butch Anthony's folk art mecca.


The Arcology of Arcosanti

Mayer, Arizona

Explore where architecture and ecology unite in Paolo Soleri's unique vision for compact city design.

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures Scavenger Hunt

Tucson, Arizona

Travel through history, explore the world and discover the Enchanted Realm this Obscura Day at the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures!


Private Tour and Play at the Pacific Pinball Museum

Alameda, California

Join us for a rare opportunity to tour the Pacific Pinball Museum before open hours, then stay for the day to play!

The Bone Room Natural Curiosities and Art

Albany, California

Join us at the Bone Room this Obscura Day for a game we like to call "Stump the Bone Room"!

The End of the Line at Laws Railroad Museum

Bishop, California

Step back into the past to experience life in a historic railroad town and ride aboard an authentic 1927 Death Valley Railroad car!

The International Printing Museum

Carson, California

The world's largest collection of vintage printing machinery!

Valley Relics Museum

Chatsworth, California

Discover the history of the San Fernando Valley from the 1800's to the 1980's.

Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Desert Art Museum

Joshua Tree, California

Explore 7.5 acres of large-scale environmental sculpture on the desert floor of Joshua Tree.

Climb Mount Hollywood

Los Angeles, California

Experience 360 degree views of Los Angeles from Dante’s View

Backstage at Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Los Angeles, California

Join us for an unusual marionette experience complete with Mama & Papa Goat, tap dancing Frogs, and hundreds of other friends from the farm!

Celebrate LA!

Los Angeles, California

Obscura Day is a global cultural event in which people all over the world–from Paris to Poughkeepsie–go out in groups to explore the "curious" places in their hometowns.

Bhagavad-gita Museum

Los Angeles, California

Join us as we explore the Bhagavad-gita Museum, a collection of dioramas and animatronic Hindu deities in the heart of Culver City.

Bottle Art of Phantasma Gloria

Los Angeles, California

Hidden in Echo Park is a glorious glasswork homage to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Abandoned Zoo & Fire Survivors of the Merry-Go-Round - Griffith Park Part Two

Los Angeles, California

Join us as we explore the fun and fabulous Eastside of Griffith Park!

Jeepney Tour of Historic Filipinotown

Los Angeles, California

Take a ride on a vintage Philippine Jeepney to explore LA's Historic Filipinotown.

Strange & Cursed Histories - Griffith Park Part One

Los Angeles, California

Join the Obscura Society as we hike LA’s most fascinating park!

Pop-Up Adventure Tour with Mojo Maps

Los Angeles, California

"Freedom lies in being bold." – Robert Frost

Retreat to Rockhaven Sanitarium

Montrose, California

Where the feeble-minded sought dignified treatment in a peaceful valley

Inside the Crucible

Oakland, California

Join us for a tour of the Crucible, an industrial arts collective specializing in the more fiery, metal-y art forms.

Falconry in the High Desert

Palmdale, California

Escape Los Angeles and join Obscura Society LA for an unforgettable adventure.

The Bunny Museum

Pasadena, California

Visit "the hoppiest place in the world".

Private Pinball Party

Pasadena, California

Where old pinball machines go to thrive.

Sacramento Underground

Sacramento, California

Discover how a 19th- century railroad city rose to lift itself from the flood.

California Express at San Diego's Model Railroad Museum

San Diego, California

Come ride the express to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of San Diego's Model Railroad Museum!

Philatelicism in SF!

San Francisco, California

Join us on Obscura Day to explore the mysteries of philatelicism!

Inside the Stacks of the Prelinger Library

San Francisco, California

Join us for a guided exploration of the "appropriation-friendly" stacks of Prelinger Library!

The Interval at Long Now

San Francisco, California

Join us as we explore the art of long-term thinking!

The Kingdom of Boomeria

Santa Cruz, California

Enter a magical world of science, music and history as we explore the Kingdom of Boomeria!

Curiosity Crawl at Dapper Cadaver

Sun Valley, California

The finest in scientific, death-related, and haunted house props.


Central City Cemetery Complex Scavenger Hunt

Black Hawk, Colorado

Join us for a light-hearted exploration of Colorado's gold rush cemeteries.

Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Calhan, Colorado

Join us as we explore the fantastically colorful hoodoos and spires of a natural geological wonder, hidden in the El Paso County plains.

Behind the Scenes at the May Natural History Museum

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Join us for a very special tour of the world's largest private insect collection!


The Cushing Brain Collection

New Haven, Connecticut

Join us as we tour a historic collection of diseased brains and their new, custom-built home.


The Lunch Box Museum

Columbus, Georgia

Join founder, collector and curator Allen Woodall for a special guided tour of the Lunch Box Museum!


Craters of the Moon

Arco, Idaho

Join us in exploring America's only officially "weird" National Park.


Underwater Wonders of Mermet Springs

Belknap, Illinois

Visit this unexpected diver's paradise without getting wet!

Behind the Scenes at the Blue Waters Supercomputer

Champaign, Illinois

Join us for exclusive access to one of the world's most powerful computing centers.

Explore the Busy Beaver Button Company

Chicago, Illinois

Busy Beaver is the button maker to the world. Now you can see just how they do it.

The Grounds of Graceland Cemetery

Chicago, Illinois

Stroll amongst the dead and the artwork that commemorates their passing.

The Art of Letter Writing

Chicago, Illinois

Enjoy exclusive access to the Letter Writers Alliance Club House in celebration of Obscura Day.

Paleontological Architecture of the Chicago Loop

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is surrounded by fossils ... not just in the ground, but up in the buildings. Walk along as we unearth the ancient history that surrounds us.

Walking in the Footsteps of Leopold and Loeb

Chicago, Illinois

Join us as we revisit what was called "The Crime of the Century".

The International Museum of Surgical Science

Chicago, Illinois

Join us for a special tour of the artistic side of the museum and the mansion that houses it.

Catching a Flick at Route 66's Last Drive-In

Litchfield, Illinois

Since 1950, the summer skies of Litchfield have been filled with Hollywood.

Caravanning Illinois' Route 66

Route 66, Illinois

Join us as we explore the first 300 miles of the mother road.

Exploring Chicago's Baha'i Temple

Wilmette, Illinois

The Baha'i faith welcomes everyone to find peace in their beautiful temple and gardens.


The Market Street Catacombs

Indianapolis, Indiana

Join Indiana Landmarks this Obscura Day as we head underneath the Indianapolis City Market to explore a hidden network of subterranean passageways.

The Indiana Medical History Museum

Indianapolis, Indiana

Join us this Obscura Day for a presentation of strange and curious medical artifacts in the historic amphitheater of the Indiana Medical History Museum!


The Squirrel Cage Jail

Council Bluffs, Iowa

Join us after-hours at the Squirrel Cage Jail for a tour of one of the last remaining rotary jails!


The World's Largest Collection of the World's Smallest Versions of the World's Largest Things

Lucas, Kansas

Join us for a rare opportunity to view the entire collection in one place!


Hidden Waterways of Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Join researchers in conducting a dye-tracing experiment as we track the flow of water through the world's longest cave system!


The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana

Join us to explore the life and legends of the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, one of the most powerful women in New Orleans history!


Celebrating the Coelacanth at the International Cryptozoology Museum

Portland, Maine

Obscura Day 2015 is also Happy Coelacanth Day!


Save Our Seminary

Silver Spring, Maryland

Join us on Obscura Day as we explore long-forgotten National Park Seminary.


Inside the Ether Dome

Boston, Massachusetts

Join us on Obscura Day for a private tour of the Ether Dome and the Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation.

Hidden at the Boston Athenæum

Boston, Massachusetts

Step behind the Boston Athenæum's​ red leather doors on Beacon Street.

Hammond Castle

Gloucester, Massachusetts

Learn about the Middle Ages from rogue historian Dan Veksler of Other World Tours while exploring one of the best kept secrets of quirky New England.

Midnight in Salem

Salem, Massachusetts

A witching-hour exploration of the streets of Salem.


Mbad's African Bead Museum

Detroit, Michigan

Join Olayami Dabls—esteemed fine-artist, museum curator, and historian—at the Mbad African Bead Museum to explore the history of African material culture and the sculptures that surround the museum.

Woodmere Cemetery

Detroit, Michigan

Visit the Midwest's "cradle of cremation" on a historic tour of Woodmere Cemetery.


Tour Minneapolis' House of Balls

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Join us in exploring sculptor Allen Christian's "House of Balls", a funhouse of found art and participatory sculpture.

Explore the Wabasha Street Caves

St. Paul, Minnesota

From silica mines to mushrooms, prohibition-era gangsters to disco...


Obscura Day: The Cotton Belt Rail Depot

St. Louis, Missouri

Explore an abandoned train depot along the banks of the Mississippi.


The Berkeley Pit Mine

Butte, Montana

Join us for an expert-led tour of the country's largest Superfund site.


The Republic of Molossia

Dayton, Nevada

Join us for a tour of Molossia, the World's Smallest Sovereign Republic!

Atomic Artifacts at the National Atomic Testing Museum

Las Vegas, Nevada

Join us for a tour of the National Atomic Testing Museum and a chance to view rare artifacts from the museum's collections, typically not on public display!

New Jersey

Crazy Mechanical Clowns! Automata from the Murtogh D. Guinness Collection

Morristown, New Jersey

Is there anything scarier than a 100 year old clown?

New Mexico

Tinkertown and Creator's Workshop Tour

Sandia Park, New Mexico

50,000 glass bottles enclosing 22 rooms of artwork and American ephemera, collected over the course of a lifetime...

New York

Islands of the Undesirables

Brooklyn, New York

Discover the dark and fascinating history of New York City's penal, quarantine and asylum islands aboard the Water Table on this special Obscura Day cruise

The Steam Engines of Pratt Institute

Brooklyn, New York

How one man powered an entire university

The Van Brunt Stillhouse

Brooklyn, New York

Daric Schlesselman and his wife started with one grain and turned it into an artisanal distillery, straight out of Red Hook!

The Robotic Church

Brooklyn, New York

Join us at Amorphic Robot Works this Obscura Day for a private robotic concert in a historic Red Hook seamen's church.

Dead Horse Bay

Brooklyn, New York

From vintage glass to horse bones, Dead Horse Bay is a treasure trove of wonder.

Free Pinball at the Sunshine Laundromat

Brooklyn, New York

One of the greatest pinball machine collections in New York is hidden in the back of this Greenpoint laundromat. On Obscura Day the pinball is free!

Behind the Scenes at the Brooklyn Army Terminal

Brooklyn, New York

From massive military supply base to thriving modern-day industrial park, uncover the layers of history found within the Brooklyn Army Terminal

The Coney Island Museum

Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York

Mermaids, cyclones and sideshows....welcome to Coney Island!

Hartsdale Pet Cemetery

Hartsdale, New York

Join us for a private tour of America's first pet burial ground and the oldest continuously operating pet cemetery in the world.

The Jello Gallery Jiggle

Leroy, New York

Join us at the place where Jello was invented for Jello history, Jello science, and Jello taste tests!

Cypress Hills Taxidermy Studio

Middle Village, Queens, New York

John Youngaitis takes the lost art of taxidermy and brings it back to life in Middle Village, Queens.

The Gilded Age - Explore the Ruins of a Forgotten City in the Middle of Manhattan

New York, New York

Decode the architecture and cityscape of Midtown Manhattan to unveil the hidden history of an era gone by

McSorley's Ale House

New York, New York

Grab a pint and some history in New York City's oldest Irish Tavern!

Exploring the Explorers Club

New York, New York

Behind the closed doors of this legendary clubhouse awaits a treasure trove of artifacts collected over a century of expeditions to the far corners of the earth (and beyond)...

The Morris-Jumel Mansion

New York, New York

If These Walls Could Talk: A tour of the oldest residence in Manhattan

The Secrets of Mount Hope Cemetery

Rochester, New York

Come explore Rochester's historic cemetery like it has rarely been before.

The Skillman Avenue Corridor

Sunnyside, Queens, New York

Explore the Industrial Back Alley of Western Queens.

Afterlives After Hours at Woodlawn Cemetery

The Bronx, New York

Step behind the locked gate and into the mausoleums of the most lavish necropolis in the Bronx.

Urban Foraging in Belmont Lake State Park

West Babylon, Long Island, New York

"Wildman" Steve Brill takes us on an edible journey through this hidden gem of Long Island.

North Carolina

Inside the Elkin Cabinet of Curiosity

Elkin, North Carolina

Join us for a visit to a private wunderkammer!


Edwards Accelerator Laboratory

Athens, Ohio

Tour the 4.5 million volt tandem particle accelerator at Edwards Accelerator Laboratory!


The Reed Research Reactor

Portland, Oregon

Join us for a tour of the Reed College Research Reactor, the world's only nuclear reactor operated primarily by undergraduates.

Portland's 109th Annual Staring Contest

Portland, Oregon

To celebrate Obscura Day, Portland's Freakybuttrue Peculiarium will be hosting the most obscure contest on earth.

The Haunting Architecture of the Shanghai Tunnels

Portland, Oregon

Venture underground into the darkness and shadows of the Shanghai Tunnels with Cascade Geographic Society.


Exploring Eastern State Penitentiary

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spend Obscura Day behind bars at one of America's most notorious prisons...

Explorations and Exhumations at Laurel Hill Cemetery

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An evening of sepulchral exploration among those immortalized inhabitants who call Laurel Hill Cemetery home.

Hidden Pages, An Afternoon of Rare and Occult Books

Phildelphia, Pennsylvania

Enjoy a curated experience on demonology, witchcraft, classic horror, and the supernatural in the lavish reading room of the Philadelphia Athenaeum.

Rhode Island

An Evening at Musée Patamécanique

Bristol, Rhode Island

Join us for a very special evening exploration of a secret, hidden Wunderkammer

South Carolina

Tuberculosis in 20th- Century Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina

Delve into the special collections of the Waring Historical Library as we discuss the history of tuberculosis treatment in 20th- century Charleston.

South Dakota

Porter Sculpture Park

Montrose, South Dakota

Explore Wayne Porter's surreal roadside gallery of large-scale metal sculptures.


The Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata

Austin, Texas

Where does the museum end and real life begin?

Cathedral of Junk

Austin, Texas

Trash becomes treasure on a monumental level in this suburban backyard.

National Museum of Funeral History

Houston, Texas

Join us for a guided exploration of the history, science and art of death.


Knight's Spider Web Farm

Williamstown, Vermont

Join us as we explore "the original website"; the world's only spider web farm!


Hands On at the National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia

Go behind-the-scenes at the NRA National Firearms Museum for a hands-on session with historic guns.


Tour and Tasting at the Old Ballard Liquour Co.

Seattle, Washington

See how they make the good stuff in Ballard--and then drink it!

Guided Tour of Kubota Gardens

Seattle, Washington

A rare fusion of American and Japanese garden design, Kubota Gardens delights the senses.

Delve into Telehistory at the Museum of Communications

Seattle, Washington

The history of the telephone from Alexander Graham Bell to Ma Bell is on display in this old central office turned museum.

Secret Collections of the Allen Library

Seattle, Washington

Deep beneath the University of Washington's Allen Library lie objects and lore not apparent from the card catalog.

Washington, D.C.

Protecting the Capitol

Washington, D.C.

From legendary stones to a hidden fort, join us as we discover what protected the Capitol.

Sinners & Scoundrels

Washington, D.C.

Join us on Obscura Day as we take a trip to discover the secrets hidden six feet below at Congressional Cemetery.

Under the District

Washington, D.C.

Explore the subterranean trolley station under Dupont Circle that was left in ruins.

The Secrets of the Society of Cincinnati

Washington, D.C.

Come explore how the Society of Cincinnati changed American history.


Tour of the FAST Corp Fabrication Facilities and Mold Field

Sparta, Wisconsin

Join Darren Schauf as he takes you on a tour of massive proportions in Wisconsin's finest fiberglass fabrication facility.

Live Printing at The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum

Two Rivers, Wisconsin

Come to the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum for an open house and learn how to dot your "I"s and cross your "T"s the old school way.


Urban Art Experience with Graffitimundo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Join Graffitimundo this Obscura Day for a street art tour of Buenos Aires!

Graffitimundo Stencil Workshop

Buenos Aires, Argentina

This Obscura Day, learn the art of stencils from the masters!


Ancient Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia

Copper Age artifacts, cave-dwellings and 4th- century Christianity....

Sacred Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia

From a 4th- century monastery founded by Gregory the Illuminator to a modern-day "divine underground" hand-carved by a man motivated by visions and dreams, explore Armenia's spiritual side.


Inside the Walls of the Old Melbourne Gaol

Melbourne, Victoria

Step inside the walls of this imposing historic institution to discover Melbourne's criminal past.


The Zimmer Clock Tower & Museum

Lier, Flanders

Various cycles of time and the movement of the solar system are charted in Louis Zimmer's beautiful, fascinating masterpiece clock tower.


Perperikon - The Lost Oracle of Dionysus

Sofia, Bulgaria

Follow in the footsteps of ancient rulers and gods as we travel to the long lost Oracle of Dionysus.


Secret Science Tour of the McGill University Campus

Montreal, Quebec

Join Ingrid Birker, Science Outreach Coordinator of the renowned Redpath Museum, for a guided tour of the secret science spots surrounding the campus.

Life Behind Bars at the Old Prison of Trois-Rivières

Trois Rivières, Quebec

Experience incarceration in what was once Canada's longest operating prison.

Czech Republic

After Dark at the Hrdlička Museum of Man

Prague, Czech Republic

Join us for an after-hours exploration of the Hrdlička Museum of Man!


The Ruins of Ingapirca

Cuenca, Ecuador

Explore an ancient Incan temple of the sun.


"There's Nothing Here" at Hotel Viru's KGB Museum

Tallinn, Estonia

Join us for a private tour of Hotel Viru's former secret KGB headquarters.


Mysteries of Paris - Night Walk

Paris, France

Join us for a very special after-dark tour of Paris.


Design Panoptikum

Berlin, Germany

Don't go to the art galleries, go to the scrapyards!

Inside the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Dresden, Germany

Join us for a very special behind-the-scenes tour!


Kane Kwei Coffin Workshop

Accra, Ghana

Join Eric Anang, manager of the Kane Kwei workshop, to discover the history and artistry behind designing and creating some of the most unusual coffins imaginable.


Epidaurus & Mycenae

Athens, Greece

Join us as we explore the remains of the ancient city of Mycenae.


An Obscura Day Invocation at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery and Witchcraft

Hólmavík, Iceland

Staves, storm-calling, spell-casting and a very special Obscura Day invocation!

Monsters of the World at the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum

Westfjords, Iceland

Skrímslasetrið hosts a special Obscura Day program for the little ones!


South Park Street Cemetery Tour

Kolkata, West Bengal

Join us for an in-depth tour of one of the first non-church cemeteries in the world.


The Sacred Caves of Bali

Denpasar, Bali

Join us for an exploration of Bali's sacred Hindu cave temples.


Dark Lands at The National Leprechaun Museum

Dublin, Ireland

Join us at The National Leprechaun Museum this Obscura Day to discover the darker side of Irish folklore.


The Catacombs of San Gennaro

Naples, Italy

Head underground to explore 2000 years of faith...

Vigna Randanini

Rome, Italy

Join us for an exclusive tour of the Jewish catacombs of Rome.


Ancient Petra

Petra, Ma'an

This Obscura Day, discover one of the most astonishing wonders of the ancient world.


Mayan Ruins of the Mexican Jungle - Yaxchilan and Bonampak

Palenque, Mexico

Join Wayak Tours this Obscura Day to explore the incredible Mayan ruins of Yaxchilan and the colorful murals of Bonampak.

New Zealand


Rotorua, New Zealand

A rolling, boiling, geothermal wonderland!


Emanuel Vigeland Museum & Mausoleum

Oslo, Norway

Join us for a very special concert within the Vigeland Mausoleum.


Mystic Sintra

Lisbon, Portugal

Join the experts at Go2Cintra this Obscura Day for a tour of the secret spots and magical destinations of Sintra, Portugal.

Ancient Evora

Lisbon, Portugal

Join the experts at Go2Cintra this Obscura Day for a tour of one of Europe's oldest cities...


The Mystery of Gilmerton Cove

Edinburgh, Scotland

Join us on Obscura Day to explore the baffling caves of Gilmerton Cove.

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

Glasgow, Scotland

Discover the clockwork contraptions and haunting automata of Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre in a private viewing of theatrical phantasmagoria!

South Africa

Gardens of Soweto

Johannesburg, South Africa

Join us for an unexpected tour through one of the largest, most feared, and best known townships in South Africa.


The Funeral Carriage Collection of Montjuïc Cemetery

Barcelona, Spain

The finest in 19th and 20th- century cadaver transportation...


Moulagenmuseum Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Tour Moulagenmuseum's extensive collection of disfiguring diseases represented in wax.


Chernobyl's Ghost Cities

Kiev, Ukraine

Join us for an unforgettable tour of Chernobyl's ghost towns, including Prypiat and Reactor #4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

United Kingdom

Inside the Catacombs of West Norwood Cemetery

Greater London, United Kingdom

Join us for a tour of the beautiful memorials and historic catacombs of West Norwood Cemetery.

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

London, England

Join us for a wildlife tour through one of London's Magnificent Seven cemeteries.

The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art and Natural History

London, England

Join us for a guided tour of the Last Tuesday Society's modern-day cabinet of curiosities.

Butch Anthony at Black Rat Projects

London, England

Experience "intertwangelism" with American folk artist Butch Anthony.

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