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Celebrate the world's most curious and awe-inspiring places.

Brooklyn Public Library

Behind-the-Scenes Tour at Brooklyn Public Library

Explore Brooklyn's iconic Central library on this free Obscura Day tour!

The "Original" burial place of Edgar Allan Poe.
Baltimore, Maryland

Westminster Burying Ground & Catacombs

Seattle, Washington

Museum of History & Industry

Discover the stories behind the artifacts as we delve into MOHAI's extensive collection while exploring Seattle's history and heritage.

Roscahill, Ireland

Brigit's Celtic Garden

Delve into ancient Celtic civilization in a bewitching 11 acre garden.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tunneling in Amsterdam

Learn how to dig your own escape route in this special Obscura Day tunneling workshop!

San Francisco, California

Detour San Francisco

Take your pick from a selection of unusual and historic Bay Area locations and head out on an audio adventure!

St. Louis, Missouri

The Firecracker Press

Discover the world of letterpress design and craft your very own custom travel journal!

Tokyo, Japan

Memorials and Memories at Yanaka Cemetery

An intimate nighttime tour through Yanaka Cemetery and its nearby monuments.

Mexico City, Mexico

Nota Roja Mexico City

Join us for a nighttime walking tour through downtown Mexico City to discover the sites and stories behind the city's most infamous crimes.

Oslo, Norway

Music in the Mausoleum

Join us for a very special concert at the Emanuel Vigeland Museum and Mausoleum.

A volunteer emerges from the bunker and sees the sun for the first time after 3 weeks.
Andechs, Germany

Underground at Aschoff's Bunker

Get in touch with your circadian rhythms and explore the field of chronobiology at this storied research site.

Detroit, Michigan

Ste. Anne de Detroit

Join us to explore the fascinating history and stunning architecture of the country's second oldest Roman Catholic parish.

EPS official officiating
Berkeley, California

Elsewhere Philatelic Society's Mail Carrier Training Adventure

An interactive fiction/puzzle hunt/alternate reality game adventure set in picturesque Berkeley.

Glasgow, Scotland

The Glasgow Necropolis

Explore the history and monuments of an incredible garden cemetery in the heart of Glasgow.

Photo: Slobodan Junior Andjelkovic Makeup; Artist: Nelly Šminkado; Hair Design: Morbid Artist; Models and concept: Milena Stanojevic and Milena Cuk
Novi Sad, Serbia

Search for the Hidden in the Forest of Fruska Gora

Join us in the magical adventure of discovering Deer-people in the Fruska Gora forest, and experience the ancient wisdom of the Forest Spirit.

Seattle, Washington

Catlas Obscura!

Spend your evening with 15+ adoptable kitties at the Seattle Meowtropolitan cat cafe!

Vancouver, Canada

TRIUMF Accelerator Laboratory

Join us for an in-depth tour of Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics!

The American Pigeon Museum
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The American Pigeon Museum

Join us for a behind-the-scenes museum tour, meet the pigeons and watch a bird release!

Odessa, Ukraine

Overnight in the Odessa Catacombs

Spend the night deep underground within the world's largest catacomb system.

Hanoi, Vietnam

The Biological Museum of VNU

Explore Vietnam's biodiversity while touring an extensive hidden collection of vertebrate animals!

Sparta, Wisconsin

FAST Corp Fabrication Facilities and Mold Field

Join Mike Weidl as he takes us on a tour of massive proportions in Wisconsin's finest fiberglass fabrication facility.

National Firearms Museum
Fairfax, Virginia

Behind the Scenes at the National Firearms Museum

Join us for a special tour of the NRA National Firearms Museum, where thousands of historic and unusual firearms are waiting.

Mexico City, Mexico

Let's Walk Together

Travel across Mexico City while exploring Mario Garcia Torres' Sacramento Art Museum, a conceptual museum that spans both space and time.

Kiev, Ukraine

One Street Museum Death Mask Collection

Come face-to-face with death in all its eerie glory.

The Strahov Library
Prague, Czech Republic

The Library of Strahov Monastery

Explore two stunning 17th-century libraries and a cabinet of curiosities.

Vienna, Austria

Stephansdom Crypt

A glimpse at the grislier bits of a classic tourist attraction, hiding under the stone floors.

Patek-Ecklon ghost sign at Larkin St & Post St
San Francisco, California

Ghost Signs of SF

Explore the vintage advertisements revealed by our changing cityscape.

Kansas City, Kansas

The Wild Wicker Sons Foundry

Join us for a rare look into the world of artist Michael Wickerson and his incredible property.

Fremont Troll
Seattle, Washington

Fremont Walking Tour

Explore the strange and amazing locations of Fremont--the "Center of the Universe"!

Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant
Zwentendorf an der Donau, Austria

Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant

Join us for a tour of Austria's very first and only nuclear power station, completed but never used.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Ancient Tunnels of El Zanjon

Explore underground tunnels that date back to Buenos Aires' earliest settlements, and hear an incredible story of what happened there in 1845.

Brooklyn, New York

House of Wax Exhibit at the Morbid Anatomy Museum

Take a special tour of the museum's current exhibition, showcasing a rare and wonderful waxworks collection from Berlin.

New York, New York

Victorian Electronica Collection and Cocktails

Sip on artisan cocktails as you explore an astounding personal collection of Victorian toys and technology.

Brooklyn, New York

Show and Tale at Morbid Anatomy

The Morbid Anatomy Museum opens its doors for an afternoon of looking at and talking about objects surrounding death.

Seattle, Washington

Inside the Cutter Midgett

Join us for an exclusive guided tour of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Midgett at Seattle's Pier 36!

Alliance, Ohio

Inside The Troll Hole

Let Sigrid, Queen of Trolls, take you on a charming, kitschy tour through the jammed-packed aisles of her troll doll kingdom.

via Flux Factory
Queens, New York

Flux Factory Tour & Scavenger Hunt in LIC

Discover the hidden art world of the Dutch Kills neighborhood in Long Island City, Queens.

Brooklyn, New York

"The Dinner Party" Memory & Monumental Art on Grand Army Plaza

Discover the interplay of eros and public space in this tour of Brooklyn's monumental centerpiece.

Austin, Texas

The Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata

Where does the museum end and real life begin?

New York, New York

The Gothic Universe at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Discover the architectural, symbolic, and anecdotal treasures of NYC's stunning star of the medieval revival.

New York, New York

William S. Burroughs' New York with Katelan Foisy

See the city through the eyes of one of the most prolific and provocative writers of the 20th century.

New York, New York

Lost Sounds of the West Side

Discover layers of city history through an exploration of the sounds of yesteryear.

Les Lilas, France

An Afternoon at the Vampire Museum

Learn the secrets of the vampires with expert Jacques Sirgent during this afternoon salon.

Medical Evacuation- Korean War
San Antonio, Texas

The U.S. Army Medical Department Museum

Explore the 240-year history of the Army's medical department, in war and in peace.

Coast Guard Base & Museum on Seattle's Pier 36
Seattle, Washington

Unusual Access at the U.S. Coast Guard Base & Museum

From the bell on Admiral Robert Peary's ship to the North Pole to the sextant from the captured U-boat U-873, explore the incredible collection of the U.S. Coast Guard on this special access tour.

Split, Croatia

Welcome to Froggyland

This Obscura Day, hang out with 500+ stuffed frogs living their best life.

Ithaca, New York

The Cornell Witchcraft Collection

Join us for an intimate viewing of rare materials from the world's most extensive collection of rare books and manuscripts on witchcraft.

Kansas City, Kansas

Saint Simon Subterranean Celebration

End your day of exploration with an underground after-party in a top secret Kansas City location!

Halls, Tennessee

Murray Hudson's Maps and Globes

Explore one the largest private collections of antique maps and globes.

Tree Climbing Planet
Franklin, Tennessee

Tree Climbing With a Canopy Expert

Ascend high into the branches of Pinkerton Park under the guidance of an expert from Tree Climbing Planet.

Denver, Colorado

The Black American West

Learn about the incredible history of the pioneering Black men and women who helped settle and develop the great American West.

Staunton, Virginia

A Marvelous Mechanical Music Maiden

A giant Victorian clockwork doll on the streets of historic Staunton.

Richmond, Virginia

The Edgar Allan Poe Museum

A behind-the-scenes tour of the museum's hidden curiosities.

Cincinnati, Ohio

Planet-Gazing at Cincinnati Observatory

Come see Jupiter, Mercury, and the moon at the "Birthplace of American Astronomy."

Rocksprings, Texas

The Devil's Sinkhole

Explore a sacred cavern, home to the ancient dead.

Berlin, Germany

Tieranatomisches Theater

Tour Berlin's oldest surviving academic structure, host to decades of animal dissections.

Bread and Puppet Museum
Glover, Vermont

The Bread and Puppet Museum and Theater

Puppets and politics at a very special theater for the people!

New York, New York

Gemini & Scorpio presents The Grand Victorian Banquet & Ball

Our friends at Gemini & Scorpio invite you to celebrate Obscura Day with a trip back to the delicacies and grandeur of the 19th century.

Bayernhof Museum
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Musical Wonders at the Bayernhof Mansion

Explore an extensive collection of rare and unusual musical instruments in the former mansion home of an eccentric billionaire.

Tumbaco, Ecuador

Dine in Darkness

Dine in a cave 30 feet below the volcano Ilaló, in the highlands of Ecuador.

Boston, Massachusetts

Urban Foraging in Franklin Park

Taste the bounty of the great urban backyard on this unexpected and delicious outdoor excursion.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin's First Public Library

Delve into the history and collections of the oldest public library in Ireland.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Day Pass

The golden ticket to a full day of exploration and wonder, with exclusive entry to our underground wrap party!

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sarajevo Siege and Old Town Tour

A remarkable tour of Sarajevo, its most beautiful landmarks and its monuments to war, including Sniper Alley and the War Tunnels.

Klosterneuburg, Austria

Gugging House of Artists Tour

An exclusive tour and workshop inside one of the world's most unique artistic spaces.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Electric Ladyland, The Museum of Fluorescent Art

Explore the eerie phenomenon of fluorescence at the world's first museum of fluorescent art.

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn Navy Yard Tour

Explore 300 acres of industrial waterfront teeming with Naval history.

Tallinn, Estonia

Patarei Prison

Go deep inside the Estonian sea fortress that became a notorious Soviet-era prison.

Queens, New York

Little Mexico Walking Tour

Join us for an immersive cultural adventure through Jackson Heights, Queens.

Elkin Cabinet of Curiosity
Elkin, North Carolina

Inside the Elkin Cabinet of Curiosity

Join us for a visit to a private and carefully curated wunderkammer!

Independence, Missouri

Rollins Puppet Cave of Wonder

Join us for a behind-the-scenes peek into the legacy of an influential Kansas City puppetmaker.

Princeton, New Jersey

Behind the Scenes at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

Learn about plasma physics, nuclear fusion, the National Spherical Torus Experiment and other research taking place at PPPL on this special access laboratory tour!

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Wrap Party

Join an exclusive invite-only group of Obscura Society members for our Obscura Day 2016 wrap party at an undisclosed location.

St. Louis Park, Minnesota

A History of Broadcasting at the Pavek Museum

Explore one of the world's finest collections of antique radio, television, and broadcast equipment.

Supply, North Carolina

Mary's Gone Wild Folk Art & Baby Doll Museum

Join North Carolina artist Mary Paulsen on a tour of her amazing folk art gallery and baby doll museum!

Sunlight from the dome's opening plays on the surface of the spring water, reflecting on the rock face inside
Midway, Utah

Homestead Crater Mineral Soak

Spend the morning soaking in a natural geothermal hot spring hidden within a mineral dome enclosure!

St. Paul, Minnesota

A Curious Brunch at the Clown Lounge

Start Obscura Day off right with eggs, booze, and your fellow Atlas Obscura explorers!

Mons, Belgium

The Mundaneum - A World of Knowledge

Join us to explore a visionary precursor to the Internet made of detailed index cards.

Courtesy of NOLA DNA
New Orleans, Louisiana

Industry of Ink

A Guided Print History Walking Tour!

London, England

Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

Join us for a wildlife tour through one of London's Magnificent Seven cemeteries.

Woodhenge (in progress, 2016)
Saint Louis, Missouri

Laumeier Sculpture Park

Join us for the opening exhibition tour of Gigi Scaria: Time.

Denver, Colorado

Bar Crawl Denver!

Join us for a historic bar crawl featuring four of Denver's most unusual and iconic locations.

Reed Reactor
Portland, Oregon

The Reed Research Reactor

Join us for a tour of the Reed College Research Reactor, the world's only nuclear reactor operated primarily by undergraduates.

Christian Cagigal
San Francisco, California

Magic and History in the Tenderloin

Join magician Christian Cagigal as he weaves mysteries and stories in a museum dedicated to one of San Francisco’s oldest and most unique neighborhoods.

Dayton, Nevada

The Republic of Molossia

Join us for a tour of Molossia, the World's Smallest Sovereign Republic!

George Keremedjiev holds an Apple I computer, built by the company's co-founders Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. Photo by James Woodcock.
Bozeman, Montana

Inside the American Computer Museum

See the computer’s history revealed over the course of 20,000 years.

Baltimore, Maryland

The Hunt for the Mummified Mole Paw

Stop by Bazaar this Obscura Day to try your luck at finding the paw!

American Wind Power Center
Lubbock, Texas

The American Wind Power Center

Celebrate the power and majesty of the wind while exploring a staggering collection of 200 windmills!

St. Joseph, Missouri

Glore Psychiatric Museum

Explore how the treatment of mental illness has evolved on an in-depth tour of the former Missouri Lunatic Asylum No. 2.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Money Museum

Explore numismatic history through a mini-mint and private collections—an opportunity sure to be any coin collector's delight.

The mummified monks were lain to rest in neat rows beneath the church
Brno, Czech Republic

The Czech's Capuchin Crypt

"As you are now, we once were; as we are now, you shall be."

Shelves abound
San Francisco, California

Letterform Archive

Explore thousands of years of lettering in this exquisite archive, from medieval manuscripts to Fillmore concert posters.

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Behind the Scenes with the Barnum Museum

Join us for a curated viewing of the Barnum Museum's collections followed by a hard hat tour of the historic building's restoration.

Paint Mines Interpretive Park
Calhan, Colorado

Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Join us as we explore the fantastically colorful hoodoos and spires of a natural geological wonder, hidden in the El Paso County plains.

The receiving ward of Oregon State Hospital
Salem, Oregon

Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health

Explore 130+ years of mental health treatment through the collections of a historic asylum.

Phoenix, Arizona

Curious Nature

Find everything you need to create your very own curiosity cabinet at this natural history and taxidermy emporium.

Mobile Medical Museum
Mobile, Alabama

Inside the Archives of the Mobile Medical Museum

Join us for an exclusive presentation of rare books and artifacts from the largest medical collection in the Southeast.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tour Minneapolis' House of Balls

Join us in exploring sculptor Allen Christian's "House of Balls", a funhouse of found art and participatory sculpture.

Brooklyn, New York

Saturday Morning Pinball & Vintage Cartoons

Begin your day at this secret Greenpoint pinball arcade tucked away in the back of a laundromat for a morning of play, replete with vintage cartoons and a boozey breakfast.

Kansas City, Kansas

Explore the Wild Turkey

Explore the Turkey Creek bed with the Turkey Creek Institute for Phenomenal Awareness.

Boston, Massachussetts

The Abandoned Utopia of Brook Farm

Explore the site of a famous 19th-century transcendentalist utopian community, now abandoned.

Los Angeles, California

Jeepney Tour of Historic Filipinotown

Take a ride on a vintage Philippine Jeepney to explore LA's Historic Filipinotown.

Buena Vista, Georgia


Explore the past, present and future of St. EOM's visionary art compound.

New York, New York

Secret Garden Party at Marble Cemetery

Enter a hidden world of 19th century wonder and exalt in the extraordinary at this Obscura Day celebration.

Beijing, China

Olympic Village Scavenger Hunt

Join Burbex founder Brin Connal for a photo scavenger hunt at the abandoned Homko Olympic Village.

Santa Cruz, California

The Kingdom of Boomeria

Enter a magical world of science, music and history as we explore the Kingdom of Boomeria!

photo by MItch Waxman
Brooklyn, New York

Creek to Creek Industrial Greenpoint Walking Tour

Follow the waterways of north Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood to discover the secrets of its history and infrastructure.

Brooklyn, New York

Coney Island Creek Excursion

Join Underwater NYC for an exploration of the shipwrecks and hidden nature of Coney Island Creek.

Beijing, China

Stone Valley Great Wall Loop

Join us to hike the unrestored "wild" portion of the Great Wall!

Julian, California

Warlock Mine and Tunnel Tour

Explore the subterranean world of Southern California's 19th century mining tunnels.

Kubota Gardens
Seattle, Washington

Kubota Gardens

A rare fusion of American and Japanese garden design, Kubota Gardens delights the senses. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Exploring the Eerie Eastern State Penitentiary

Spend Obscura Day behind bars at one of America's most notorious prisons.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Old Pine Church Graveyard

America's history is buried below the streets of downtown Philadelphia.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Many Peculiarities of the Penn Museum

Discover unique artifacts that seldom see the light of day.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Explorations and Exhumations at Laurel Hill Cemetery

An evening of sepulchral exploration among those immortalized inhabitants who call Laurel Hill Cemetery home.

Athenaeum of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hidden Pages - An Afternoon of Rare and Occult Books

Enjoy a curated experience on witchcraft, phrenology, and 19th-century death customs in the board room of the Athenaeum of Philadelphia.

Westminster, London

Westminster Palace

Join us for an insider's tour of Westminster Palace, home to the Houses of Parliament and more British history than you can shake a stick at.

Bandon, Oregon

Washed Ashore

Wander this unique gallery of enormous marine creatures built only from trash collected on Oregon's beaches—you'll want to take a closer look.

Cornville, Arizona

Eliphante Village

Join us for an exploration of 3+ acres of kaleidoscopic, hand-made sculptures!

Tucson, Arizona

Rumpelstiltskin at Valley of the Moon

Discover the magic and fantasy of George Legler's Valley of the Moon in this very special walk-through performance of Rumpelstiltskin!

Cloud-Chamber Bowls, Harry Partch Instrumentarium
Seattle, Washington

Harry Partch Instrumentarium

Discover Cloud-Chamber Bowls, Quadrangularis Reversum, Marimba Eroica, and many more fascinating hand-made instruments by 20th century American composer Harry Partch.

Old Ballard Liquor Co.
Seattle, Washington

Tour and Tasting at the Old Ballard Liquor Co.

See how they make the good stuff in Ballard—then drink it!

Ultimo, Australia

Esoteric Inventions at the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

Go behind the scenes on a special-access tour of MAAS's basement storage area as we explore some of the more unusual items in the museum's collections.

Washington, D.C.

Protecting the Capitol

From legendary stones to a hidden fort, join us as we discover what protected the Capitol.

Boston Athenæum
Boston, Massachusetts

Hidden at the Boston Athenæum

Step behind the Boston Athenæum's​ red leather doors on Beacon Street.

Photo Courtesy of Save Our Seminary
Silver Spring, Maryland

Save Our Seminary

Join us as we explore long-forgotten National Park Seminary with the non-profit that's saving it.

Pietrasanta, Italy

Pietrasanta's Marble Paradise

Join the sculptors of the world-renowned Studio Pescarella for an exploration of the Carrara Marble quarry and a hands-on workshop in marble carving.

Tbilisi, Georgia

Old Houses of Tbilisi

Explore the enchanting architecture of Tbilisi from the Tzarist times.

Wikimedia Commons
Alexandria, Virginia

Taverns & Women & Chocolate (Oh My!)

Come learn about what it took to live the tavern life while enjoying an 18th century chocolate drink!

The House of Worth created this two-piece evening dress for Mrs. Palmer to wear to various formal functions related to Chicago's World's Columbian Exposition of 1893.
Chicago, Illinois

Eight Decades of Haute Couture Gowns

A tour through an incredible collection of clothing that includes nearly a hundred years of intricate and groundbreaking designs.

Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Pedway Afternoon Tour

Share in the culture and community of the urban indoors.

Potter Palmer and Bertha Honoré Palmer mausoleum Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, IL.
Chicago, Illinois

Graceland Cemetery: Heroes, Villains, and Unsolved Mysteries Afternoon Tour

Join author Adam Selzer to explore both the celebrated and overlooked histories of Graceland Cemetery.

Photo Courtesy of Tudor Place Historic House and Garden
Washington, D.C.

Twilight at Tudor Place

After a day full of exploring, join us at Georgetown's Tudor Place for music, drinks, and merriment.

Photo Courtesy of Congressional Cemetery
Washington, D.C.

Historic Congressional Cemetery's LGBT Icons

Join us for an exclusive tour of Historic Congressional Cemetery's LGBT Icons.

Photo courtesy of A. Reddington
Washington, D.C.

Get Your Bearings at Compass Coffee

Join us bright and early at Compass Coffee to get your Obscura Day 2016 started off in the right direction.

Wikimedia Commons
Washington, D.C.

Legends of the Octagon House

Join us as we go behind-the-scenes after hours at the District's most notorious house.

The steamer Eastland being righted after capsizing in the Chicago River near the Loop community. Chicago Daily News, Inc., photographer
Chicago, Illinois


A walking tour through the historic horrors that have befallen downtown Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois

Grave Robbing 101

It's never too late to launch your career as a 19th-century body snatcher.

Photo Courtesy of Dean Carnegie
Washington, D.C.

Houdini Escapes DC

Join us as we explore Houdini's connection to Washington DC and create a little magic of our own.

Los Angeles, California

Hunting Bollards In The Wild

Join LA Poet, Andrew Choate, on a walking tour of bollards. You will learn about the history of bollards and discover a wide variety of bollard formations in the context of small and large businesses, the LA River, and Downtown.

Wikimedia Creative Commons
Washington, D.C.

Cut It Off! An Amputation Demonstration

Watch as a skilled medical historian amputates a (model) leg using Civil War-era surgical tools.

Rockhaven Sanitarium
Montrose, California

Retreat to Rockhaven Sanitarium

Where the feeble-minded sought dignified treatment in a peaceful valley

 Flickr: Chicago Pedway Sign
Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Pedway Morning Tour

Share in the culture and community of the urban indoors.

Potter Palmer and Bertha Honoré Palmer mausoleum Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, IL.
Chicago, Illinois

Graceland Cemetery: Heroes, Villains, and Unsolved Mysteries Morning Tour

Join author Adam Selzer to explore both the celebrated and overlooked histories of Graceland Cemetery.

Photo Courtesy of Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association
Mt Vernon, Virginia

The Famous Fakes, Forgeries & Frauds of George Washington

Prepare to enter the world of deception where fake, forged and frauduelnt George Washington artifacts can elude even the experts' eyes.

Baldissero Canavese, Italy

Damanhur and the Temples of Humankind

Join us for a guided exploration of the glorious underground temples of the Federation of Damanhur, a hidden eco-village that has been dubbed the 8th wonder of the modern world.

Ruins of the "White City"
Altadena, California

Ruins of The White City & Inspiration Point

Hike to the ruins of the 'White City' on Echo Mountain with Modern Hiker’s Casey Schreiner.

Wende Museum
Culver City, California

The Wende Museum - Hot Topics on the Cold War

Located in an inconspicuous business center in Culver City, The Wende Museum is one of the world's largest collections of Cold War-era ephemera, paraphernalia, artifacts, and archives.

On sleepy Leveta Terrace in Echo Park, LA, Tom of Finland's private residence is the location for the new biography and photobook Tom House.
Los Angeles, California

Seduced by the Tom House

Hidden in the hills of Echo Park is a 1906 Craftsman housing one of the most revolutionary art collections of the 21st century. Discover the historic house museum of gay graphic artist, Tom of Finland.

Three complete chondrules. These millimeter-sized objects formed during brief melting events in the Solar Nebula.
Los Angeles, California

Space Rocks - UCLA Meteorite Collection

Explore extraterrestrial materials at one of the world’s largest meteorite collections.

Allis Markham
Los Angeles, California

Birds of Prey at Prey Taxidermy

Join us at the Prey Taxidermy studio for a live taxidermy demonstration on birds of prey.

R.I.P. Bowie
Los Angeles, California

Behold the Art of Black Velvet Paintings

An ancient technique that reached its peak in the mid-1970s is alive and well in Chinatown.

Gabba Arts District
Los Angeles, California

Murals of the Gabba Arts District with Cartwheel Art Tours

Join us as we explore a labyrinth of vibrant murals in the alleyways of Historic Filipinotown with Cindy Schwarzstein, founder of Cartwheel Art Tours.

Backstage at Bob Baker Marionette Theater
Los Angeles, California

Backstage at Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Join us for "Hooray L.A.!" a marvelous marionette experience that pays homage to the theater's home in Los Angeles. After the show, we'll go behind the red velvet curtain to explore the magic of marionettes.

Old LA Zoo
Los Angeles, California

Abandoned Zoo Ruins

Join writer Hadley Meares as we discover the history of the animals and trainers who called this famed abandon zoo home.

Workman-Temple Homestead Museum
City of Industry, California

Pioneer Dynasty - Rancho La Puente & the Conquest of California

Search for LA's hidden past with KCET's Hadley Meares at the Workman-Temple Homestead Museum in the City of Industry.

Church of Type
Santa Monica, California

Church of Type

Join Field Agent Benjamin Harmon for an exclusive tour of The Church of Type, a treasure trove of typography, tools, and techniques.

Rhinestone Cowboy's Nudiemobile at  the Valley Relics Museum
Los Angeles, U.S.A

After-Party at Valley Relics

Celebrate adventure with Atlas Obscura Field Agents, DJ Mukta Mohan, Magician Siegfried Tieber, and your fellow explorers! Climb aboard the Rhinestone Cowboy's Nudiemobile, eat a bison burger, enjoy craft brews, and relish in the neon light.

Tacoma, Washington

Hickory Golf at Meadow Park

Delve into the history of golf while using turn of the century equipment and techniques.

Sant Just i Pastor
Barcelona, Spain

Supernatural Barcelona

Delve into Barcelona's occult history on an evening walking tour of the city's streets.