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Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Abandoned Dome House

Rotting dome home spotted near Chapel Hill, North Carolina. 

An uninhabited dome house in poor condition deteriorates in the woods of North Carolina.

The house shares a certain architectural aspect with Futuro Houses, a 1960s architectural fad, prefabricated vacation homes that were appropriate for beaches, mountainsides, and forests. They were the invention of Finnish architect Matti Suuronen, and sold like hotcakes when they debuted in 1968. They represented a leisurely, modern vision of the future. The trend didn’t last though, and today more Futuro Houses lie abandoned than inhabited.

While this particular home appears more Futuro inspired than an actual Futuro model, it has nonetheless suffered the same fate of abandonment. 

The dome house in the woods outside Chapel Hill is in very bad shape. The roof is caved in and severely rotted decking prevents any real access. But you can still see the strange white bubble shape along the south side of Jack Bennett Road and peek your head in through the hatch to imagine the life of Futurians.

Know Before You Go

Difficult to see from the road due to a developer moving large boulders in front of the property. Be extremely careful around the decking as its severely rotted.

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