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Davis Station, Antarctica

Antarctic Sculpture Garden

Antarctica's only sculpture garden, it has art and penguins, but no plants in sight 

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Part of the Australian Antarctic Division, the Antarctic Sculpture Garden was built in the summer 2002-2003 season by Stephen Eastaugh using a grant from the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship.

The inspiration for the garden was the oldest sculpture in the collection, "Man Sculpted by Antarctica," known locally under the nickname "Fred the Head."

This work was sculpted by a plumber on the base named Hans in 1977, and thus pre-dates the sculpture garden. The artist's intention is that the harsh local climate will continue the sculpting process. This outdoor venue gives aspiring artists a chance to exhibit their works on all of the continents.

Know Before You Go

On the grounds of the Davis Station, Antarctica.

  • Aurora A.N.A.R.E. Club Journal: September, 2003
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