Chullora, Australia

Big Bicycle

Roadside attraction outside of a recycling center


Australia is home to more than just a couple of big things. The big country, it has been said, has a love of similarly-oversized objects. The Big Bicycle is only one of a loosely related set of about 150 sculptures and large structures sprinkled across the country. Most of these, the Big Bicycle included, serve as some of the country's top tourist traps and can be found along major roads and highways or between prominent travel destinations.

Built by Jonh Ridley, Phillip Becker, and Andy Lugiz in 1997, the Big Bicycle sits outside of the entrance to the Chullora Waste Transfer Station in Chullora, New South Wales, Australia. It measures about 27 feet long and stands 18 feet tall or so.

A suburb of local government areas of the Municipality of Strathfield and the City of Bankstown, Chullora is just outside of the Sydney central business district and is part of the Greater Western Sydney region. The town, selected during World War II as a major wartime manufacturing plant, has always been an industrial area filled with warehouses and factories. The Big Bicycle is one of the areas major attractions, even if it does sit outside of a waste and recycling center.

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