Cold War Relics at Pearls Airport

Rare signs of the former Soviet Union in the Caribbean, though not where you'd expect them


Outside of Cuba, you won't find too many signs of the old USSR around the Caribbean, a fact that makes Pearls Airport in Grenada so interesting.

Pearls was Grenada’s first airport, though it hasn’t been used for commercial service in years. These days it mostly serves as a nice grazing area for local cows, goats, and curious aviation and Cold War history buffs.

When the U.S. Military invaded Grenada back in 1983, Pearls was one of their primary targets. Old planes, like this Soviet crop duster with “CCCP” still barely visible on the fuselage evidence the Cold War history here. This aircraft, and an old Cubana Airlines plane nearby, were both damaged by invading U.S. Forces and left here to rot. Visitors can explore both aircraft inside and out, though you'll want to watch out for the cows and goats, and their attendant dung patties...

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Head north from Grenville along Grenada's northeastern coast. You can't miss it.

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