Redford, Texas


An abandoned movie set in the desert of West Texas


A short drive west into Big Bend Ranch State Park from Lajitas yields the discovery of a completely vacant and mostly artificial ghost town. There exists one building at the site that is actually historical in nature, a small adobe building called 'La Casita', the rest of the site was built for the movies.

Among the movies filmed here are: Dead Man’s Walk, and Streets of Laredo, both made for TV movies from the 'Lonesome Dove' series by Larry McMurtry.

In September of 2008, Ojinaga, Mexico was inundated with rain, which led to the Rio Grande flooding into the State Park and surrounding areas. There was obvious damage to the movie set, as can be seen from the picture. Whether the structural stability of the buildings was compromised, that is unknown, but exterior damage is evident.

2011 addendum: Structural integrity of the buildings is fine and the place has been cleaned up, but damage is obvious, particularly in comparison to the video shown here.

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    Farm to Market 170, Redford, Texas, 79846, United States
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    $3 per day, per person 13 and older (State Park entrance fee)
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Head West on Ranch Rd. 170 for 9.5 miles from Lajitas into Big Bend Ranch State Park.

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