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Tobermory, Ontario

Flowerpot Island

Little island known for its massive beachfront "flowerpot" pillars 

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Towering over the shining blue waters of Lake Huron are two massive pillars that resemble flowerpots. Cracked and shaped into two perfect flattened posts, the flowerpots are allegedly the petrified bodies of two lovers à la Romeo and Juliet who were frozen in time by the island's Little Spirit.

According to an old Indian legend of the Ottawa and Chippewa, two young people fell in love from the two warring tribes. Although they hid their love for a while, they eventually made a break from the shores and were quickly pursued by members of their tribes. In a desperate attempt to escape, the two lovers paddled toward Flowerpot Island, and in a violent crash, were petrified on the beach.

Today, the flowerpots welcome visitors to the small island off Ontario, where people flock to pose in front of the eternal lovers, and hike the luscious island's caves, cliffs and forests.

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