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Victorville, California

George Air Force Base

Abandoned Air Force base that has fallen into disrepair 

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George Air Force Base was decommissioned in 1992 and has been left to fall into disrepair ever since.

There have been plans to demolish the existing structures, but demolition and clean-up has been “in progress” for over a decade. Complicating the clean-up process is the contamination of the base’s soil and groundwater by jet fuel, pesticides, and other hazardous materials. The city of Victorville has plans to use part of the site as a future rail yard, but these plans have been delayed due to the environmental and economic issues.

Among the abandoned structures are hundreds of homes, a hotel, hospital, barracks, photo lab, and a couple of schools. The sprawl of abandoned (and occasionally dilapidated) buildings, dead landscape, and years of collected tumbleweeds creates a very eerie site.

For more pictures see the George Air Force Base Documentation Project at

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