Greater London, England

Grant Museum of Zoology

The only university zoological museum in London houses extinct animals and a Micrarium of tiny things


With over 67,000 specimens, the Grant Museum of Zoology is the last of the university zoological museums in all of London.

Along with its examples of extinct animals, like the Dodo, Quagga, and Tasmanian Tiger, the museum houses numerous jarred specimens and skeletons. There are specimens from Robert Grant himself, along with Thomas Henry Huxley, bisected heads from the collection of Sir Victor Negus, and glass models made in the 1800s by the Blaschka family.

In 2013, the Grant Museum opened the Micrarium in a formerly unused office space. It's a backlit cavern of microscopic and lantern slides celebrating the tiniest creatures in the world.

  • Address
    University College London, Gower Street, Greater London, England, WC1E, United Kingdom
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Thickness of a Snipe Fly Cross-Section on a slide in the Micrarium
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