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May 6

Montreal, Québec

Insectarium of Montreal

The biggest museum dedicated to insects in North America, one of the largest in the world 

Founded by Georges Brossard, an enthusiast entomologist, the Insectarium of Montreal displays both live and dead insect collections, and has over 160,000 specimens. 

The Insectarium has its own anthill, honeybee hive, and bumblebee hive, all of which can be observed from a safe distance for the sqeamish, and it’s said that from a bird’s eye view, the building itself is very “buggy” in shape and design.

If you are lucky and adventurous. you may even taste some of the specimens – the museum has been known to hold “Insect Tastings,” delving into a culinary angle that many cultures are already quite comfortable with: the preparation and consumption of protein-rich crickets, stick bugs, and beetle larvae. 

Know Before You Go

Near Viau or Pie-IX metro stations.

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