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Madise's Lost Cemetery

Tombstones buried in overgrown grass mark the deceased occupants of this abandoned graveyard.  

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If you ever find yourself driving from Paldiski to Madise in Estonia’s Harju County, consider scoping out the abandoned graveyard found on the right side of the road just before entering the village of Madise.

Ruins of an old chapel accompany the cemetery, and there are gravestones dating as far back as 1802, but you have to look for them peeping out from the overgrown brush.

The Harju-Madise church, sitting on top the limestone cliff close to the seashore, is also worth visiting. Due to its high positioning, this 15th-century church was also used as a lighthouse. Only the western portal has been preserved to date, and inside are elements of a carved pulpit and a painted shrine.

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