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Klagenfurt, Austria


The world's most important buildings shrunk to a tiny size 

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Imagine taking all of the most influential and important buildings from around the world, shrinking them, and putting them into a space of 26,000 square meters. Since 1958, that is exactly what Minimundus has been doing. The miniature park in Klagenfurt, Austria is home to 150 models of well-known buildings, including the Eiffel Tower, the White House and St. Petersburg Cathedral. It is perhaps the only place where a tourist can tour the entire world in one park.

The models, which are both educational and entertaining, are built by a group of expert model makers. Many of the models cost around, or even more than, 500,000 Euros each. The ideas for new models usually come from visitors. Upon request, if feasible, a search for facts and documentation of the real building is conducted and the building is then converted to the 1:25 scale and generally built from the same materials as its larger inspiration. A handful of expert gardeners also help maintain the proper environment for each model, allowing visitors to get a real feel for the building and the culture it belongs to.

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