Washington, District of Columbia

Museum of Unnatural History

Giftshop catering to cryptozoologists and anyone with a sense of humor


This is not your run of the mill museum giftshop; that is of course, unless you consider a can of “primordial soup” a typical souvenir. The merchandise spans the imaginary past to the possibly made up future. While you are perusing the hybrid animal fossils and melancholy jarred unicorn tears, get ready for your own explorations by stocking up on soft, two-ply rolls of “field journals.”

The store is used to support 826DC, one of the eight branches of 826 National, the children’s writing and tutoring center developed by the creators of McSweeney’s literary journal.

  • Address
    3233 14TH St. NW, Washington, District of Columbia, 20010, United States
  • Cost
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