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Lichtenhain/Bergbahn, Germany

Oberweissbacher Bergbahn

Oberweissbacher Bergbahn - a broad-gauged cable car capable transfering railcars. 

Oberweissbacher Bergbahn, or the Oberweissbacher mountain train is a special mountain railway consisting of two linked railway systems.

A normal electric train with a length of 2,635 km connects Oberweissbach, Deesbach, to a cable car with a 1.8 meter gauge running from Oberweissbach to Obstfelderschmiede where the normal-gauged Schwarzatal Railway picks up again.

As the train between Oberweisbach and Cursdorf has no direct interconnection to the rest of the railway, one of the cable cars has been designed to transport railway wagons. This was in use from the inauguration of Oberweissbacher Bergbahn in 1923 until 1965. Today transport of rail-cars is not performed regular any more, so on the second car of the cable car a normal wagon was put.

Oberweissbacher Bergbahn is one of the few cable cars capable of transferring railcars and has the widest gauge width in Germany.

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