Park Estate, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Sea Turtle Hatchery

Turtle sanctuary with a fascinating backstory


Having founded the Sea Turtle Hatchery in 1995, Orton “Brother” King has dedicated his life to safely releasing Hawksbill turtle hatchlings into the nearby waters.

Raising the turtles from eggs deposited on nearby beaches, Brother King's goal is to increase the survival rate of these beautiful and fascinating creatures by feeding and protecting them through their most vulnerable time. His special attention to these animals has also lead to a local appreciation for the tenuous situation these animals face. The turtles are no longer hunted locally as in some parts of the world but are valued for their beauty, uniqueness and even their contribution to sustainable tourism.

Though the story is best heard from King himself, his reasons for founding the sanctuary are fascinating. In short, King was the only survivor of a schooner shipwreck, and he spent over two days clinging to the wreckage floating towards Martinique. A man saw him on the beach and from afar thought King was a turtle. But when he went to the turtle, he found a half dead King on the beach instead. Upon recovering King swore that during his time in the open ocean turtles had surrounded him, protecting him from sharks.

Orton “Brother” King vowed that day to do everything he could to protect the turtles that saved him, and since then, has very much lived up to that promise.

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    Park Estate, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
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    10 USD
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