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Moscow, Russia

Museum of Soviet Arcade Games

Immortal combat in a Moscow museum 

A lot of arcades have their own special tokens for their games. But few have Soviet-era kopek coins complete with a hammer and sickle signifying their connection to communism.

Preserved by a few Russian students in the basement of a technical school, the Museum of Soviet Arcade Games features 37 machines from the Soviet era including video games, pinball machines and collaborative hockey foosball. Although only 20 of the games are playable, each of the machines paints a picture of life and entertainment behind the Iron Curtain.

The museum has plans to expand as more machines are discovered and restored in the basement. Many of the machines have been sitting since the 1970s, when they were built in secret during Perestroika.

Even though all of the machines are in Russian, the gist of the games are pretty apparent, like Tankodrome, where players shoot enemies with a tank. For an entry fee of about $10 US, visitors can walk through the museum and get a few 15-kopek coins to test out the machines.

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