Vienna, Virginia

Space Adventures

An eccentric company offers eccentric millionaires the opportunity to have spaceflight-related experiences


What little kid doesn't dream about going to space someday, that unattainable frontier experienced by only the best and the brightest? Most of us realized that it was a pipe dream – but wait! Is the future finally here? You know, "Here" here? Here enough for one to perhaps be able to buy a trip into the void?

Space Adventures is a space tourism company founded in 1998. The company offers a truly unique opportunity for anyone who is interested in experiencing zero-gravity atmospheric flights, orbital spaceflights (with the option to participate in a spacewalk), and other spaceflight-related experiences.

Activities offered include astronaut training, spacewalk training, and launch tours. Eight clients have been successfully sent on their missions since 2001. The price for the first flight was an exorbitant 20 million dollars. American businessman Dennis Tito was the first space tourist in the world and Space Adventures became the first and only FAA-approved company offering weightless flight to the general public. 

The future is here, kids! All you have to do is come up with $20 million, and all of your otherworldly dreams can come true.

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    Space Adventures, Ltd, 8245 Boone Blvd Suite 570, Vienna, Virginia, 22182, United States
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