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Pattaya, Thailand

The Bottle Art Museum

Thailand museum of bottles of all shapes and sizes filled with intricate and beautiful art 

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The building which houses the Bottle Art Museum is easy to spot, as its front is made entirely of bottles.

The tour of the museum begins with a video introduction of the founder of the museum, Dutch sculptor, Peter Bedelais, and his only student Mrs. Prapaisi Thaipanich, who continues on with his legacy today. The video goes on to show the process of constructing models inside a bottle.  Needless to say, you must possess a great deal of patience to be in this line of work.

After the video one enters the museum to see a huge collection of more than 300 pieces of artwork contained in glass bottles. The scenes created within the bottles include churches, temples, major tourist attractions, palaces and vessels.  The level of detail and work that went into creating such a magnificent collection is truly awe inspiring.

Know Before You Go

Highway 3 (Sukhumvit Rd) Pattaya, Thailand, less than a mile from the Pattaya bus station

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