Topeka State Hospital

Abandoned insane asylum with history of horrific abuse


Topeka State Hospital opened in 1872 to treat habitual criminals and the mentally insane.

It was known for having relaxed admissions procedures that allowed the admittance of people who suffered no medical condition. By the 1900s there were horrific reports of patient mistreatment, such as those being left in restraints for hours, as well as rape and dehumanizing acts. According to one reporter, there was even a patient whose skin had started to grow over their straps on their bed because they'd been there so long. The place was also infamous for forced sterilizations.

The hospital closed in 1997 due to years of abuse and overcrowding. Many of its abandoned buildings remain, as well as a cemetery with an estimated 1,157 unmarked graves. 

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    Central Topeka 1, Topeka, Kansas, 66606, United States
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