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Vinnytsia, Ukraine

TV Tower Vinnytsia

Transmission tower outfitted with large crossbars that dampen wind-induced oscillations 

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At a height of 354 meters, the TV mast in the Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia is the third-tallest man-made object in the country. But it's more than that: The tower, with large crossbars that run out from the mast's body giving it an appearance similar to a hills hoist, a height-adjustable rotary clothes line, is incredibly unique.

The crossbars aren't about style. Equipped with a gangway, the crossbars serve not only as an antenna platform, but they also work to dampen wind-induced oscillations.

A dozen other towers across Russia and Ukraine are outfitted with crossbars, but none are as impressive in scale as that in Vinnytsia.

The steel tube that functions as the tower's main mast is used for both FM and TV transmission.

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