Alexandria, Indiana

World's Largest Ball of Paint

A massive ball of paint composed of over 20,000 individual layers


The title of "world's largest" anything is often a dubious distinction. It can be synonymous with "world's most useless" or "world's most exploited." But the world's largest ball of paint is an exception--a quaint piece of intrigue built upon one man's simple fascination with layered paint, and assembled over decades of painstaking work.

When Michael Carmichael's son was three years old, he painted a baseball. Intrigued by the vibrant color and smooth coat (and inspired by his own youthful memories of layering paint), Michael and his son continued to add more and more paint, layer by layer, in various colors, until it eventually grew to enormous proportions.

At that point, Michael's giant ball of paint started to get attention. Newspapers wanted to write about it. Record books wanted to investigate it, and road trippers wanted to come get their picture taken with it. The ball's fame grew organically, in ways its owner never expected.

For almost 30 years, Michael hasn't stopped adding layers of paint to the ball, and he now invites visitors to do the same. All told, there are more than 20,000 layers of paint on the ball, and he has no intention of stopping.

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