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Syracuse, Utah

Antelope Island on the Great Salt Lake

The largest island on the great salt lake is home to curious creatures and strange stories
41.0892, -112.1157
Inside the bordello.
Havre, Montana

Havre Beneath the Streets

After Havre burned down, the best place to build was under the ashes.
48.5491, -109.6791
Salt Lake City, Utah

Gilgal Sculpture Garden

A hidden garden of stones engraved with scriptures, a Joseph Smith Sphynx, and all carved by one man
40.7593, -111.8695
Salt Lake City, Utah

Summum Pyramid

Pyramid home to obscure religious group which practices modern mummification
40.7506, -111.9116
Butte, Montana

The Berkeley Pit

New fungal and bacterial species call this deadly lake home
46.0600, -112.4906
spiral jetty, late 2012
Corinne, Utah

The Spiral Jetty

Earthwork sculpture built by Robert Smithson in the Great Salt Lake has only recently re-emerged
41.4377, -112.6688
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Loretto Chapel

Wedding chapel's mysterious spiral staircase said to be miraculously constructed
35.6858, -105.9377
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Morning Glory Pool

A beautiful geyser under enviromental threat
44.4750, -110.8436
Inyo, California

Amargosa Opera House

Marta Becket's hand-painted theater in the desert
36.3014, -116.4144
West Glacier, Montana

Going-to-the-Sun Road

The only road through the heart of Glacier National Park
48.6950, -113.8169
Outside the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.
Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel

Paranormal experiences in room 217 led Stephen King to write "The Shining"
40.3830, -105.5190

Earthquake Lake

An apocalyptic seismic event creates a deadly chain reaction that ends with a 6-mile long lake developing within weeks
44.8521, -111.3972
Taos, New Mexico

Taos Pueblo

Multi-storied adobe home continuously inhabited for 1000 years
36.4386, -105.5445
Buford, Wyoming

Buford, Wyoming: Population 1

The smallest town in the United States
41.1219, -105.3047
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Old Faithful Geyser

One of nature's most well-scheduled phenomenons resides in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park
44.4605, -110.8281
Virginia City, Montana

Historic Virginia City

An entire town preserved as a historic landmark
45.2938, -111.9461
Tree in the Rock
Buford, Wyoming

Tree in the Rock

Miraculous tree that seems to sprout out of solid rock
41.1336, -105.3468
Garnet ghost town.
Drummond, Montana

Garnet, Montana

This amazingly preserved gold rush town is a well preserved gem from the time
46.8253, -113.3381
Great Falls, Montana

Sip N Dip Tiki Bar

47.5045, -111.2953
The Glorious Diorama
Boulder City, Nevada

Hoover Dam Old Exhibit Building

Experience a charming 1930's version of "infotainment" with a presentation featuring a large diorama
36.0155, -114.7474
Grand Prismatic Spring
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Grand Prismatic Spring

The largest hot spring in the US is, as the name suggests, a stunning show of natural color
44.7218, -110.6985
Wendover, Utah

Bonneville Salt Flats / Bonneville Speedway

Come for the speed, leave in love with the desert
40.7997, -113.8000
Giant Red Wagon
Spokane, Washington

Big Red Wagon

This playground sculpture of an icon from the past is dedicated to the children of the future
47.6607, -117.4204
Register Cliff
Guernsey, Wyoming

Register Cliff

Long before guestbooks and hotels, frontier travelers signed their names on this rock face
42.2697, -104.7416