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Stockholm, Sweden

Vasa Museum

Remains of a 17th-century version of the Titanic
59.3280, 18.0914
Gates to the Poison garden
Alnwick, England

Alnwick Poison Gardens

The sign at the garden gate reads: "These Plants Can Kill"
55.4153, -1.7063
Barnard Castle, England

The Silver Swan

A perfectly running 230 year old silver automaton and music box
54.5419, -1.9153
Royal Botanic Gardens
Sydney, Australia

Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney

Come for the flowers, stay for the bats!
-33.8646, 151.2198
Tallinn, Estonia

Old Thomas

The Guardian of Tallinn
59.4371, 24.7455
Winston Churchill Ave. runs across the Gibraltar Airport runway.
Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Gibraltar Airport

Single runway interrupted by a busy road that cuts across its middle
36.1512, -5.3500
Demolition gear and No 7 Settler Tank
Hartlepool, England

Steetley Magnesite

Derelict chemical plant on the North Sea is a beautiful industrial ruin
54.7052, -1.2045
On top of Mount Tiede. (Ariel Shultz/Atlas Obscura)

Mount Teide

Mountain believed by aborigines to house the devil
28.2728, -16.6422
Wings set against a sunny sky
Gateshead, England

The Angel of the North

Huge winged monument in the United Kingdom
54.9129, -1.5863
Indoor and outdoor exhibits abound, including live demonstrations of historic locomotives in action
York, England

British National Railway Museum

The National Railway Museum in York is the largest railway museum in the world, attracting almost 1 million visitors per year
53.9606, -1.0979
Marton-in-Cleveland, England

Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

Sidney Scurvy, the interactive computer sailor, takes you on a journey to discover the everyday lives of Cook and his men
54.5382, -1.2025
Monte, Portugal

Toboggan Ride from Monte to Funchal

Men in rubber-soled boots serve as your "brakes" on this toboggan ride Hemingway described as "exhilarating"
32.6754, -16.9025
Pushkin, Russia

The Amber Room

An 18th century wonder of the world, lost in WWII, re-created at the Catherine Palace
59.7173, 30.3942
Whitby, England

Ruins of Whitby Abbey

The gloomy ruins that inspired Bram Stoker to bring Dracula to life
54.4886, -0.6074
Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens
Sunderland, England

Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

A museum and gardens with unusual plants and a history of progressive programming for the blind
54.9042, -1.3809
Fort Alexander

Fort Alexander

A man-made island fort that has housed soldiers, scientists, and ravers
59.9897, 29.7180
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia

Peacock Clock

An over 200-year-old timepiece-automaton adorned with golden mechanical birds, which still sing to this day
59.9398, 30.3146
Jumbo Kingdom
Hong Kong

Jumbo Kingdom

A colossal floating restaurant built to look like a ancient Chinese imperial palace
22.2434, 114.1619
Fountains Abbey
North Yorkshire, England

Fountains Abbey

One of the oldest and certainly best preserved Cistercian abbeys still in existence
54.1095, -1.5819
United Kingdom


This enchanting Victorian estate was home to the world's first hydroelectric power generator
55.3137, -1.8856
Tees Transporter Bridge
Middlesbrough, England

Tees Transporter Bridge

Built in 1911, the Tees Transporter Bridge is one of only six transporter bridges still in operation
54.5837, -1.2290
Mausoleo Ernesto Che Guevara
Santa Clara, Cuba

Che Guevara Mausoleum

This imposing memorial contains the remains of Che Guevara — and 29 other guerrillas who died with him in Bolivia
22.4035, -79.9804