Total Eclipse: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Festival of Science, Music, and Celestial Wonder. August 19–21, 2017 in Eastern Oregon.
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Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Teletorn (TV Tower)

This dizzying tower was built to better broadcast the 1980 Moscow Olympics.
59.4712, 24.8875
Old air purification system.
Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Kiek in de Kök

This medieval Estonian tower provides access to a series of tunnels that have been home to soldiers, punks, and fine art
59.4347, 24.7413
Tallinn, Estonia


An empty relic of the Moscow Olympics crumbles away in the middle of Estonia
59.4467, 24.7535
The view from the KGB Museum
Tallinn, Estonia

KGB Museum

"There's nothing there," and other lies the KGB told us.
59.4365, 24.7549
Warning signs at the Phillip Island penguin site
Ventnor, Australia

Penguin Parade At Phillip Island

An unphotographable nightly march of tens of thousands of "fairy penguins" from sea to shore
-38.4833, 145.2333
In the Daintree Forest.
Docklands, Australia

Melbourne GlowGolf Docklands

Putt your way around Australia in a black light environment
-37.8129, 144.9375
Ned Kellys Armour
Melbourne, Australia

Ned Kelly's Armour

The bullet-banged DIY suit of armour belonging to Australia’s most famous outlaw.
-37.8098, 144.9652
The outside walking area for detainees in the yard.
Riga, Latvia

The Corner House

A former Latvian headquarters of the brutal KGB secret police is now open as a grim reminder of their atrocities
56.9581, 24.1240
Chocolate chariot driver and his horses (Flickr/SpirosK)
Barcelona, Spain

Chocolate Museum

A delicious sculpture collection in Barcelona.
41.3873, 2.1819
Broken-hearted Sailor Moon attraction at Yongma Land.
Seoul, South Korea

Yongma Land Abandoned Theme Park

Plenty of old carney magic still haunts this photogenic amusement park.
37.5944, 127.1046
Seoul, South Korea

War Memorial of Korea

Home to more than 13,000 pieces of war memorabilia and military equipment
37.5295, 126.9647
The interiors of the bookstore.
Lisbon, Portugal

Livraria Bertrand

The world's oldest bookshop still in operation.
38.7107, -9.1411
Entrance to the Cork Butter Museum
Cork, Ireland

Cork Butter Museum

This Irish museum in a historic 19th century market pays tribute to the glory of butter.
51.9028, -8.4767
The entire ceiling
Rome, Italy

The Dome Illusion

A master of trompe-l'oeil creates a stunning tourist-fooling dome out of a flat ceiling.
41.8990, 12.4798
The gallery of maps, showing the ceiling
Città del Vaticano, Vatican

Gallery of Maps - Galleria delle Carte Geografiche

Breathtaking and huge 430 year old maps of Italy
41.9029, 12.4534
Elvis Presley Memorial Garden
Parkville, Australia

Elvis Presley Memorial Garden

The King is honored on a continent he never visited by an elaborate grotto
-37.7919, 144.9614
Big Orange in Tenterfield, Australia. (Big Things)
Tenterfield, Australia

Big Orange

Just one of many oranges on this citrus-happy continent
-29.0541, 152.0190
Big Avocado. (Wikimedia Commons)
Byron Bay, Australia

Big Avocado

Giant fruit signaling the entrance to a tropical paradise
-28.6442, 153.6124
Gog and Magog and Gaunt's Clock
Melbourne, Australia

Gog and Magog

These mythological giants take time out of their busy day guarding a Victorian market to let you know what time it is.
-37.8147, 144.9635
The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. (Wikimedia Commons)
Coffs Harbour, Australia

Big Banana

One of the first big sculptures anywhere in Australia
-30.2747, 153.1339
Cairn at the top of Disappointment Rock
Norseman, Australia

Disappointment Rock

No one seems to know who suffered the disappointment at this particular place.
-32.1385, 120.9262
Larry the Lobster - and an idea of his scale (size & color)
Kingston SE, Australia

Larry The Red Big Lobster

A massive metal lobster welcomes tourists to a roadside restaurant
-36.8213, 139.8642
Cow up a Tree, Australian history and humor
Docklands, Australia

Cow up a Tree

This piece of Australian modern art is part joke and part history
-37.8171, 144.9453
The Drop Bear stalks its prey.
Dubbo, Australia

Dubbo Drop Bear Sanctuary

This Australian sanctuary protects one of the world's rarest and deadliest species of marsupial
-32.2721, 148.5873