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Another Place from flickr by colinpoe (c.c. licensed)

Another Place

A hundred copies of Antony Gormley's naked body stare out across the water
53.4769, -3.0430
The Reynisdrangar from the cliffs above.
Vik, Iceland


Three Columns of Volcanic Rock Shoot Out of the Ocean
63.4087, -19.0173
Tempelhof postcard, ca early 1960's
Berlin, Germany

Tempelhof Airport

Berlin's old airport
52.4838, 13.3877
Sandwick, Scotland

Skara Brae

Amazing and mysterious Neolithic settlement on Scotland's Orkney Islands
59.0486, -3.3431
Berlin, Germany

Berlin-Friedrichstrasse Railway Station

Cold war icon and onetime "hole" in the iron curtain
52.5203, 13.3869
Ben Lomond and Loch Lomond as seen from the grounds of Ross Priory. (Margaret MacGillivray/Atlas Obscura)
West Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Loch Lomond

Largest lake in Great Britain measured by surface area
56.0453, -4.5356
Golden Hinde in London
London, England

Replica of the Golden Hinde

This one has sailed five times as far as Sir Francis Drake's famous ship
51.5069, -0.0904
Tourists at the great wheel.
Isle of Man

The Laxey Wheel

World's largest working waterwheel has been around for over 150 years
54.2386, -4.4074
Liverpool, England

St. John's Beacon

Tower originally planned as a ventilation shaft now houses a studio
53.4062, -2.9820

Sigurgeirs Bird Museum

Largest private bird collection in Iceland, formed from a tragic accident
65.6042, -17.0057
Reykjavik, Iceland


The tallest building in Iceland, and certainly one of the most visually impressive
64.1353, -21.8952
(Flickr/Surf Cologic)


Iceland's largest lagoon is home to stunning multi-colored icebergs
64.2484, -16.0400
Berlin, Germany

AquaDom at Radisson Blu Berlin

The largest free standing aquarium in the world resides in a hotel lobby in Berlin
52.5194, 13.4029
Berlin, Germany

Vestiges of the Berlin Wall

On the Spree bank, discover one of the last reminders of a symbolic wall that divided, and was torn down by the people
52.5640, 13.4080


Walk in the footsteps of the gods and straddle two tectonic plates
63.8683, -22.6754
Liverpool, England

Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse

This aging storage facility is the world's largest brick warehouse
53.4211, -2.9981
Whittingham Hospital
Whittingham, England

Whittingham Hospital

This abandoned hospital once pioneered the use of electroencephalograms
53.8199, -2.6664
Hekla with Reflection


A stratovolcano located in the south of Iceland, with a long history of charted activity and a rich mythology attached
63.9035, -19.3520
The church's interior
Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Família

Construction of Barcelona's iconic (but controversial) church is expected to be completed in 2026 - a century after the death of its architect
41.4036, 2.1744
The rear of the lighthouse
Pacific Grove, California

Point Pinos Lighthouse

The oldest lighthouse on America's west coast no longer needs keepers, yet they maintain the site anyhow
36.6334, -121.9337
Sir Hiram Maxim's Captive Flying Machines
Blackpool, United Kingdom

Sir Hiram Maxim's Captive Flying Machines

One of the oldest amusement rides in existence was a huge disappointment to its creator
53.7921, -3.0553


This natural Icelandic fissure allows divers to swim right between two volatile tectonic plates
64.2564, -21.1181
The Italian Church
Orkney, Scotland

The Italian Chapel

This tin chapel was built by POW's during World War II and is painted to look like something much more grand
58.8897, -2.8901
Blackpool, England

High Tide Organ

This sculpture is an instrument played by the swell of the seas
53.7931, -3.0581