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Birmingham, Alabama

Statue of Vulcan

A 58-foot tall statue of the god of fire looks out over Birmingham, Alabama
33.4918, -86.7955
Wall detail
Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary "Bone Church"

A church of bones, decorated with 40,000 human skeletons
49.9482, 15.2676
The Georgia Guidestones
Dewy Rose, Georgia

Georgia Guidestones

A mysterious monument meant to be a guide into "an Age of Reason."
34.2321, -82.8943
Sylva, North Carolina

Judaculla Rock

Mysterious ancient boulder carved with petroglyphs in the mountains of Western North Carolina
35.3740, -83.2194
Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta White House

3/4-scale model of the White House in Atlanta, Georgia
33.8437, -84.2894
Atlanta, Georgia

Cascade Springs Nature Preserve

Healing Springs that once ran red with soldiers' blood
33.7258, -84.4991
Anniston, Alabama

The Gigantic Chair of Anniston

What Better Place to Take a Seat?
33.6526, -85.8295
Fayetteville, Georgia

Hindu Temple of Atlanta

A vision of beautiful Hindu architecture in the middle of the American South
33.5145, -84.4290
at night
New Orleans, Louisiana

The New Orleans Treehouse

Site of a former hidden treehouse in New Orleans
29.9695, -90.0691
Summerville, Georgia

Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens

This "Plant Farm Museum" is home to the divinly inspired and visionary outsider artwork of Reverend Howard Finster
34.5129, -85.3163
Here is one of the solitary confinement rooms. NOTE: the entire second floor has been burned down since these photos were taken. Little of this area remains.
Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta Prison Farm

The beauty of urban decay, hiding some dark secrets
33.6953, -84.3403
Scottsboro, Alabama

Unclaimed Baggage Center

One person's lost luggage is another person's treasure
34.6732, -86.0446
Exterior of the Old New Synagogue.
Prague, Czech Republic

Old New Synagogue

Synagogue built from the stones of Solomon's temple contains the golem of Prague
50.0901, 14.4186
storefront, front view
Atlanta, Georgia

Junkman's Daughter

A purveyor of unusual items located in the center of Atlanta, Georgia
33.7670, -84.3491
The Prague Metronome slicing through summer skies. (Macskafaraok/Flickr)
Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Metronome

Steadily reminding the Czech Republic of its past
50.0947, 14.4160
Marion County, Georgia


This folk art compound was built by a fortune teller on the advice of three people from the future
32.3648, -84.3820
BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Atlanta
Lilburn, Georgia

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Atlanta

This intricate Hindu temple is the largest of its kind outside of India itself and was constructed like a giant puzzle
33.8852, -84.1651