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I have been to 23 places and want to visit 63 more!

Lacus Curtius

Rome, Italy


Forsand, Norway

Unitarian Church Cemetery

Charleston, South Carolina

Old Slave Mart

Charleston, South Carolina

Haunted Pillar

Augusta, Georgia

Viking Ship Museum

Oslo, Norway


Strand, Norway

Tomb of Christopher Columbus

Seville, Spain

The Peace Fountain at Cathedral of St. John the Divine

New York, New York

Edisto Mystery Tree

Edisto Island, South Carolina

Lion of The Botanical Gardens

Paris, France

Lofoten Temperature Anomalies

Røst, Norway

Metropol Parasol

Seville, Spain

La Tete Carrée Library

Nice, France

Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum

Oslo, Norway

Grande Galerie de l'Évolution

Paris, France

Museum of Sex

New York, New York

Morning Glory Pool

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Gallery of Maps - Galleria delle Carte Geografiche

Vatican City, Vatican

The Witch House of Salem

Salem, Massachusetts

Fram Museum

Oslo, Norway

Vigeland Sculpture Park

Oslo, Norway

Stavanger Cathedral

Stavanger, Norway

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