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Zadar, Croatia

Sea Organ

A musical instrument played by the sea
44.1173, 15.2202
Akarsu, Turkey

Sumela Monastery

A Turkish monestary tucked into a cliff wall
40.7108, 39.6206
Berne, Switzerland

The Child Eater of Bern

A nearly 500 year old sculpture depicts a man eating a sack of babies, and no one is sure why
46.9485, 7.4474
Wall detail
Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Sedlec Ossuary "Bone Church"

A church of bones, decorated with 40,000 human skeletons
49.9482, 15.2676
View of the museum bar
Gruyères, Switzerland

H.R. Giger Museum

The bizarre visions of H.R. Giger, tucked away in a Swiss medieval city
46.5846, 7.0830
The concert hall
Postojna, Slovenia

Postojna caves

A miniature train-ride through Slovenia's largest cave system
45.7823, 14.2045
Postojna, Slovenia


The "dragon babies" of southeastern Europe
45.7751, 14.2134
Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland

Maison d'Ailleurs

Museum of science fiction, utopias, and extraordinary journeys
46.7787, 6.6415
Bourg-en-Lavaux, Switzerland


Swiss vineyards in a UNESCO heritage site
46.4919, 6.7461
Berne, Switzerland


The bear pit or Bern, empty for the first time in nearly 500 years
46.9482, 7.4598
Plitvička Jezera, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes

Chain of 16 wondrous lakes formed as a result the gradual dissolution of soluble layers of bedrock
44.8783, 15.6112
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Oriental bazaar in the heart of Sarajevo
43.8591, 18.4310
Ecublens, Switzerland

EPFL Learning Center

University library shaped like a giant piece of Swiss cheese
46.5184, 6.5656
Evionnaz, Switzerland

Evionnaz Adventure Labyrinth

World's largest permanent maze made of 18,000 conifers
46.1771, 7.0233
Inside the caves
Vallorbe, Switzerland

Grottes de Vallorbe

Over 3km of caverns and caves at the Switzerland-France border contain the largest underground river in Central Europe
46.7078, 6.3714
Budapest, Hungary

Terror Háza

Museum dedicated to the terror regimes of Hungary
47.5068, 19.0653
Lake Bled. (Wikimedia Commons)
Bled, Slovenia

Bled Island and Castle

This one-time health resort was used by aristocrats around the world
46.3632, 14.0899
City's sign lists local sights but not the infamous camp. (spinkk/Atlas Obscura)
Dachau, Germany

Dachau Concentration Camp

Prototype for all Nazi concentration camps
48.2594, 11.4343
Smederovo, Serbia

Golubac Fortress

14th century castle sliding off the hills into the Danube
44.6615, 21.6788
(Flickr/Jean & Nathalie)
Ani, Turkey

Minuchir Mosque of Ani

Remnants of successive wars and Muslim colonialism in the 11th century
40.4667, 43.6417
Tarsdorf, Austria

Fucking, Austria

American soldiers discovered Europe's best one-liner at the end of World War II
48.0679, 12.8654
Lausanne, Switzerland

Palais de Rumine

Florentine Renaissance style building in Switzerland, home to the world's largest taxidermy Great White Shark
46.5236, 6.6338

Sarpi Border Checkpoint

A gleaming white and undulating tower marks the border between Georgia and Turkey
41.5204, 41.5478
Ani, Turkey

Ani Ghost City

An abused and forgotten metropolis, abandoned for centuries
40.5075, 43.5728