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Medici Hall of Maps - Sala delle Carte Geografiche

Florence, Italy

Grand Central Terminal Whispering Gallery

New York, New York

Père Lachaise Cemetery

Paris, France

The High Line

New York, New York

Union Square Metronome

New York, New York

Prague Astronomical Clock

Prague, Czech Republic

Alcatraz Island - La Isla de los Alcatraces

San Francisco, California

Rosslyn Metro Escalator

Arlington, Virginia

Fresco of John Hawkwood

Florence, Italy

Empire Mine State Park

Grass Valley, California

The Sphere

New York, New York

Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters

New York, New York

Lowell Observatory

Flagstaff, Arizona

Hospital of the Innocents - Ospedale degli Innocenti

Florence, Italy

Camelback Mountain

Phoenix, Arizona

Darth Vader Grotesque at the Washington National Cathedral

Washington, District of Columbia

The Relic of St. Antoninus

Florence, Italy


Mayer, Arizona

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