Total Eclipse: A Once-in-a-Lifetime Festival of Science, Music, and Celestial Wonder. August 19–21, 2017 in Eastern Oregon.
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Pähni Megaphones
Varstu Parish, Estonia

Pähni Megaphones

A trio of giant wooden megaphones turn up nature's volume in this Estonian forest
57.6302, 26.7551
Edmundas Vaiciulis' Pan House
Žagarė, Lithuania

Pan House

What almost started out as a spite house became an eccentric's found object masterpiece
56.3614, 23.2498
Joneikiškės, Lithuania

Europos Parkas

A curious art sculpture park in the geographic center of Europe.
54.8309, 25.3513
Salantai, Lithuania

Orvidas Garden

Sculpture garden of religious statues made it through Soviet rule
56.0600, 21.5716
Juodkrantė, Lithuania

Hill of Witches

Lithuania's outdoor sculpture trail of wooden folk art
55.5377, 21.1128
Doll Garden of Sabile
Sabile, Latvia

Doll Garden of Sabile

Just another terrifying garden filled with hundreds of endlessly smiling doll people
57.0444, 22.5764
Lunar Etchings by Liz Helfer and Ben Foley
Abava parish, Latvia

Pedvale Open Air Art Museum

Surreal works of unreal stone and metal dot the landscape of this Latvian art park.
57.0337, 22.5666
Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center
Irbene, Latvia

Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Center

This impressively complicated radioastronomy research center was once a tool of Soviet spies...obviously
57.5533, 21.8547
Skrunda 1


This abandoned secret city is a crumbling wonderland of Soviet ruins
56.7275, 21.9954
Tire Gorilla
Helsinki, Finland

Tire Gorilla

A giant gorilla made of used car tires sits sentinel over a Helsinki college campus
60.2273, 25.0121
Enontekiö, Finland


This lake-bound geographical marker sits at the point where three European countries intersect
69.0600, 20.5487
Prague, Czechia

Prague Astronomical Clock

Macabre astrological automaton clock dating to the late 1400s
50.0870, 14.4208
Malmö, Sweden

Talking Lamp

20-foot tall lamp mumbles Swedish to celebrate the holidays
55.6051, 12.9987
(Flickr/Björn Söderqvist)
Malmö, Sweden

Turning Torso

Swedish skyscraper with a 90° twist
55.6132, 12.9762
Ängelholm, Sweden

Ängelholm UFO Memorial

A memorial to a Swedish hockey player's "encounter" with aliens
56.2355, 12.8173
Höganäs, Sweden

Nimis in Ladonia

Micro-nation based around a nine-story high illegally built tower
56.2877, 12.5395
Saltstraumen Maelstrom
Bodo, Norway

Saltstraumen Maelstrom

World's strongest whirlpool
67.2317, 14.6104
Oslo, Norway

Viking Ship Museum

Home to three historic ships from the age of Vikings
59.9043, 10.6860
Oslo, Norway

Frogner Park's Vigeland Sculpture Arrangement

Norway's massive and sometimes disturbing sculpture park is the world's largest to be created by a single artist
59.9267, 10.7014
Kaunas, Lithuania

Devils' Museum

Ever-growing collection of devils in art
54.9007, 23.9110
A monument in a field used for killing
Kaunas, Lithuania

Monument to the Victims of Fascism

A memorial to the murdered Jews of Kaunas
54.9435, 23.8750
Slampe, Latvia


Spend the night in 1920s Latvia
56.8472, 23.2953
Hill of Crosses
Meškuičių seniūnija, Lithuania

Hill of Crosses

Old hill fort covered in over 100,000 crosses as a symbol of Lithuanian nationalism and beliefs
56.0337, 23.4119
Riga, Latvia

Black Cat of Riga

A black cat protests the City Guild in Riga's Old Town
56.9501, 24.1084