Three revelers take a break during Mayor White's 1980 Halloween party.
Three revelers take a break during Mayor White’s 1980 Halloween party. All photos: City of Boston Archives

The late Kevin White, longtime mayor of Boston, is best known for steering the city through tumultuous times. During his twelve-year tenure, White oversaw fraught school desegregation efforts, refurbished downtown Boston, and worked to decentralize the city government.

Apparently, though, he also threw super chill Halloween parties. These pictures, from a Mayor’s Office Halloween Party in 1980, were shot at Daisy Buchanan’s—a Back Bay standby until it, too, shuttered a couple of years ago. In them, mustachioed cowboys string up balloons, businessmen chat up adult babies, and even the bartender throws on a fake-nose-and-glasses set. Who says public servants can’t have fun?