Last weekend, a spate of dozens of tornadoes (many of them deadly) raged across the South, including in east Texas, where, on Saturday, Charlesetta Williams, 75, was home watching TV when her son spotted one approaching their home. 

He told her to get in the home’s bathtub for protection, and then got in with her. What happened next was some kind of act of destiny. 

“We heard a boom,” she told KYTX. “We were laying in the bathtub in the bathroom, and we heard a boom. Then when we woke up, we were in the yard.”

Both Williams and her son survived with just a few bruises and scratches, but their house was mostly destroyed. 

A lifelong resident of east Texas, Williams is used to the area’s occasionally volatile weather, but this was something new. 

“I’m a tell you I don’t wanna ride now through another one,” she told KSLA.