In Saltney, which lies on the northwest border of England and Wales, there was, until recently, a cat that might greet you in the aisles of the local Morrisons, part of a chain of British supermarkets. 

His name was Brutus, and, since about 2010, he’d managed to endear himself to local Morrisons shoppers, eventually scoring over 12,000 likes on his Facebook page.

Brutus was beloved, his owners said, for his “cattitude,” often jumping into shoppers’ carts just to investigate. 

Brutus died earlier this month from an incurable kidney disease, but since then his owners have launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a statue for the cat at the market. Their efforts managed to take in over £1,000, or around $1,250, in less than 24 hours, according to the Chester Chronicle

“We all loved Brutus and we often shopped at Morrisons just to give him a cuddle,” wrote one Facebook user

As of this writing, Brutus’s owners have reached nearly half their goal of £5,000, with 23 days left to go. Which means that, for now, a permanent memorial for Brutus is looking pretty likely.

Rest in peace, departed friend, you may soon get the statue you deserve.