According to an amazingly-headlined story over on the NT News, a pair of roommates in the municipality of Bee’s Creek in Australia’s Northern Territory recently woke up to find a live crocodile in their bathroom.

One of the residents, Corine Myers, 16, got a picture from her roommate of the beast after she was discovered earlier the previous morning. The creature, a saltwater crocodile measuring over five-and-a-half feet long, clearly didn’t wander in on its own. The croc’s mouth was tied shut with some kind of pink cord, suggesting that it was not simply a wild animal looking for a new habitat, though how it got there remains a bit of a mystery. 

Bee’s Creek is a rural area of Darwin, and crocodiles are not an uncommon sight among fishermen. When Myers first saw the picture, she thought it was a prank left there by her mother, who had just returned from a fishing trip. But it apparently wasn’t, and, according to NT News, they now suspect it was left there by a different pranker, identity unknown. 

In the end, an animal control ranger came to collect the croc, which was said to be in rough shape, but was taken to a farm to be cared for, and no one was injured. The mystery, however, remains.