Hi! Dylan, Co-founder of the Atlas Obscura here,

My co-founder Josh Foer and I started the Atlas a little under two years ago and since launching the site it has been amazing to watch it grow into a self-sustaining and amazing community of far-flung explorers.

After nearly two years of working to help catalog the wondrous finds of all the fantastic Atlas users, Josh and I are taking a moment to step out from behind our computers and go looking for some of our own!

As of tomorrow at 6:45am, Josh and I are boarding a plane to Bogata, Columbia to begin a month long search for the wonders of South America.

We will be producing a series of articles and videos on our finds that will be going up on Slate.com. In the meantime we will be sending back photos, videos, and reports  to Atlas blog, Facebook and twitter all along the way!

I don’t want to reveal too too much, but I can say that our journey is going to be taking us through Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Peru, with stops at current Atlas entries along the way, and exploring some totally new sites as we go.

To give you just a hint of some of the things we are going to be seeing while we are there I am posting two pictures below! (See if you can guess what they are.)


If you have suggestions for us, on things we should try and see, or general South American travel advice we would love to hear it! Can’t wait to start sending back reports!

Dylan Thuras

Co-Founder Atlas Obscura

P.S. The Atlas will remain fully operational and awesome thanks to our fabulous team: Annetta, Seth, Sarah, and Nick you guys rule! Also a huge thanks to all our amazing interns, and community of users and explorers: you are the Atlas Obscura.