In what might be the makings of a future Disney film, a cow headed for export in Western Australia staged a daring escape over the weekend, according to the Guardian.

The cow was being loaded onto a ship in Western Australia’s Fremantle Harbor on Sunday, when suddenly they saw a chance for escape. According to the Guardian, the truck driver who was unloading the livestock followed incorrect procedures and allowed the cows a small window of freedom, which they took advantage of.

Of the ten beasts in the shipment, eight of them were immediately rounded up, while a ninth injured its leg and had to be put down. The tenth cow was able to jump into the water and swim away.

Rescuers attempted to coax the cow back onto land by herding it with a jet ski, but once it got on solid ground, it bolted. According to eyewitnesses, the cow was able to make it as far away as the town of North Coogee, a little over four miles away, where the animal remained at large despite efforts from both local rangers and the cattle company itself.

For better or worse, the fugitive cow’s journey came to an end on Monday morning according to the Fremantle Sea Rescue’s Facebook page. According to a Monday update, authorities were finally able to catch it as it roamed in a field. In the end, the cow managed to elude capture for over 24 hours, which gives us all hope that when our time comes, we can taste freedom for even longer.