Six sniffer dogs that were terrible at their jobs failed to find any cocaine or heroin after six months of work at Manchester Airport in England, authorities said in a report on Thursday

One of them, who maybe likes jokes, persistently turned up a lot of cheeses and sausages, though. 

The British government spent £1.25 million, or around $1.7 million, on the animals, which were supposed to be highly trained to sniff out banned substances. 

A few things that the dogs did turn up, after months of futilely nosing around carry-on bags and checked luggage: 46,000 cigarettes, $28,000 in cash, and around 400 pounds of illegal meat, according to the Guardian.

“A senior manager agreed that there was a lack of innovation in the use of the dogs and told us that a new management structure was being put into place to take a fresh look at their deployment,” the report said, according to the Guardian

Here’s some ”innovation”: Not all dogs are good. Some, especially the gluttonous, might even be bad. Consider this before you spend your next $1.7 million.