Certain kinds of truck cargo require extra care—as various truck drivers learned last year, bees, chickens, and pigs will all wreak havoc if they manage to get out on the road. But other types can surprise you with their craftiness. A truck driver heading down Interstate 5 in Tacoma, Washington, found this out the hard way when, this past Monday around 4 p.m., his cargo—a bunch of bread dough in plastic garbage bags—began escaping.

When the driver discovered his truck was suddenly housing a sentient blob, he pulled over. According to state trooper Brooke Bova, who stopped to assist him, the 75-degree weather had kickstarted the yeast in the dough, which sped up the rising process. As the dough expanded, it spilled over the top of the open truck.

“Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you come upon a dough truck losing dough all over the freeway,” Bova said during a brief livestream. She then filmed the truck, which was indeed shedding blobs of dough like an unskilled pizza twirler. By the time Bova got there, it had dropped enough to make at least a dozen good-sized loaves.

Workers from the Department of Transportation were doubtlessly tempted to pile the dough back in the truck, park it in a desert, and see if they could bake a trailer-sized loaf. Instead, they were able to scrape the mess off the pavement and send the sheepish truck on its way.

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